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  1. bones


    Yeah I plowed through story mode and didn't feel like I put that much time into it
  2. Matt

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    I put in over 100 hours but it never felt like a chore
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  3. CobraKidJon

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    I did 2 chapters and got bored tbh.
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  4. Matt

    the bones are their money, so are the worms Prestigious

  5. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    I think I’m actually at the end of chapter 6 but i had to stop mid-mission to get to work :(

    What a great story
  6. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    oh my goodness, the gambler challenges is pissing me off.

    my luck is terrible.
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  7. Argus

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    I'm saving those and the bandit stuff for last. The bandit challenges because I haven't maxed my honor yet, and I know it's going to take a hit from those, and the gambler because I hate five finger fillet. I'm done with master hunter, survivalist, and explorer, and on challenge 9 on sharpshooter and horseman.
  8. dash64

    This is my design

    Picking this up after work, can't wait!
  9. jorbjorb


    I've been sitting at 93% completion forever. It's become a game I just throw on for twenty minutes to go on a rampage in st denis. Maybe I'll do the story again. DLC would be nice.
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  10. Argus

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    Currently trying to complete rank 8 of the gambler, and it's the worst. Win three hands of blackjack while taking at least three hits??!!
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  11. Philll


    Just got to chapter 5 and holy shit I'm glad I didn't have that spoiled.
  12. Sean Murphy

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    I already wanna start this over from the beginning
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  13. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    I'm about halfway through my second story mode run, lol... trying to find quests I didn't get to in the first round
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  14. jorbjorb


    Just started my second play through. It's nice knowing all of the controls. I'm going to take my sweet time in chapter 2 and 3 and go for 100% doing most of the challenges/collecting as Arthur. I got bored playing as John.
  15. Sean Murphy

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    I sorta did too, I was glad that the epilogue was as short as it was.
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  16. Sean Murphy

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    might restart this tonight, is it worth trying to beat the game with high honor? there's a different ending right? i think it could be fun to play it differently if there is a different outcome/ending. I assume it still ends the same way ultimately.

    edit: if there is an altered ending, don't spoil it! haha
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  17. jorbjorb


    Yup totally different ending. My first play around I was evil the first half and turned it around in Chapter 6. My next replay I'm going to have high honor the whole way.
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  18. Sean Murphy

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    im'a be a good cowpoke
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  19. Philll


    Just finished the main story. I have loved this game. I hope the epilogue doesn't lose any of the magic.
  20. Sean Murphy

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    The epilogue is fun, but i was glad it was as short as it was.
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  21. Sean Murphy

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    I started my 2nd go ‘round last night and i just got to valentine and i have vowed to 1) have high honor always, and 2) never shave or cut the hair

    Im gonna be a scraggly af looking good cowboy
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  22. jorbjorb


    On my second play through I'm trying to get the legend of the east satchel and outfit right off the bat.
  23. sophos34

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    This was fun and all when I went through it but I really do not see myself returning to it for a looooong time, the idea just seems daunting to me given the pacing of the game. Absolutely amazing experience on first playthrough but I can’t see it having the replay value that some of my other favorite games have
  24. williek311

    @wearthicksocks Prestigious

    I bought this game the day it came out. I played mostly one the weekends. I just beat the game this weekend. What a journey. There is still so much I missed which is crazy.

    The world is just a stunning achievement for video games.
  25. Argus

    Of sugar and ice I am made

    It looks like the most recent update finally fixed the gang camp glitch in the compendium. I was perusing my stats yesterday, and both the Raiders and O'Driscolls were finally showing 100% completion after being stuck on 88% for months.
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