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  1. sophos34

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    in terms of video game protagonists Arthur and John are basically my favorites of all time. but bioshock infinite is by far the best video game story ive experienced (I haven’t played the first two bioshocks yet though)
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  2. williek311

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    You should really play the first one.
  3. sophos34

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    I’m gonna buy the collection soon
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  4. waking season

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    I played the first one this summer and loved it. It felt extra tense coming from Breath of the Wild and Skyrim.
  5. Sean Murphy

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    to an extent, i can sort of agree. i'm definitely nearing the end as the arthur/dutch tension is building to what i assume is a near boiling point and i find myself going into missions thinking "alright, how will this eventually turn into a 3-phase shootout that i either need to escape or hold off".

    i love the story though, and i love the character interactions. i also love my crazy huge 'stache.
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  6. Sean Murphy

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    also have the Nite Folk been discussed here? I know there's a mission involving them that is triggered by running into them at night, but, i'm almost scared to lol, the first time i encountered them i was truly terrified at how quickly it all happened.
  7. DickyCullz

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    exactly, every mission appears to be either go here and pick this person up and drive a wagon slowly, or go here and end up in a shoot out
  8. Youarcade

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    I finally finished the epilogue and had credits roll.

    The story was good, but c'mon it's no Shenmue!
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  9. sophos34

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    was it the video game thread where we were talking about rockstar's outdated mission design or was it this thread? either way, their mission design needs to catch up to their open world design.
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  10. BirdPerson

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    I did that mission. Man fuck the night folk and watch out if you see a body randomly hanging from a tree
  11. gonz (Alex)

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    That was my only encounter with them. Got off my horse to check out the hanging body and then turned around and three or so of them were stalking up slowly behind me. I was so flummoxed I was too slow to start a-shootin' and got very knifed

    what's the next move to get the mission?
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  12. Anthony Brooks

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    They scare the shit out of me
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  13. Sean Murphy

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    I'm pretty sure you have to run into them at night and either kill one of them or be killed by one of them, and then in Saint Denis the mission will appear as a "?". I'm fairly certain the mission is called "A Good Night For It" or something like that.
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  14. GrantCloud


    i love how i feel like i am getting close to the end, then i keep getting more damn missions to do.
  15. aspeedomodel

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    Half way through epilogue. Don't really want the game to end. Been such a trip haha
  16. BirdPerson

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    That was my experience first too lol

    Idk it was a random encounter with a guy at night. I had just finished up a mission for the mayor I believe
  17. SEANoftheDEAD


    I thought the first few missions of the epilogue were a chore (literally) to get through. But once it got rollin' I thought it was amazing how it all panned out.
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  18. prattsy


    Story was the best since Last of Us, for sure. But I do agree that near the end the missions become just a means to progress the story and aren't overly enjoyable.
  19. SEANoftheDEAD


    Def not overly enjoyable as a gamer. But we're all talking about how great the story is. So missions that push the story contributed to why we all loved the game.
  20. GBlades


    Storywise; I preferred TLOU, that shit was just emotional and ground-breaking at the time. That game will always hold close. I'm not even sure what my favourite story would be, I usually tend to base my opinions on games altogether with gameplay, visuals etc.
  21. BirdPerson

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    The feeling I got when playing through Bioshock the first time might never be duplicated
  22. sophos34

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    the epilogue is just ridiculously rewarding imo. winding up playing as john is really the best route they could have taken since you get john taken away at the end of the first game. it just feels really good to finally get to play as him again
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  23. Anthony Brooks

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    bioshock’s story is amazing. I took a magic and mysticism class at MSU and i remember one class being devoted to it
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  24. Sean Murphy

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    Ok so i had a ton of money and spent like $900 on a fast ass good horse, then went and did the penelop/beau escape mission, left that horse in rhodes and ended up damn near black water and now i have no idea where that horse is, i have a shitty temporary horse, its not at a stable and i cant find my saddle anywhere.

    I am annoyed.
  25. Matt

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    Thats about the same time my horse disappeared too