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Record Store Day Releases

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. benschuyler

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  3. reachingfor

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    Green Day and the Ghost World soundtrack yeeeeeeeah
  4. MightyBrian

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    i want the green day and gameface one
  5. .K.

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    I want to hear the Thrice EP, Menzingers, Justin Courtney Pierre, plus Bad Religion picked some great songs.
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  6. AndrewSoup

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    oooh, definitely picking up The Black Parade Is Dead. has that ever been pressed before?
    also, might grab the Foo's Big Me if i see it.

    kinda bummed my local record store decided to shut down their location in the mall (despite it being a shitty place/company)
    now i'm gonna have to drive way out of my way to find any of these.
  7. Matt504

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    The only one I really want is the Thrice release...
  8. Yourbiggestflan


  9. Dan O'Neill


    Green Day Live at Woodstock 94 is pretty great. I’m definitely grabbing that, Broken Social Scene, and MCR.
  10. sayitaintjoe


    Basement and Thrice for me!
  11. riotspray

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    I don't really mess with vinyl anymore, but I would like that Thrice record.
  12. KyleK

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    I haven't paid attention to Record Store Day much the past few years, but as others have said, the Thrice EP catches my eye. They've had some great companion releases to their albums over the years, and I expect the same of this.