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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. SmashRipsaw

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    Looking for recommendations for bands similar to Massive Attack. Slow tempo, super bassy electronic kind of sound. Are there any modern bands doing something like this?
  2. sPh1nX


  3. Swaddle

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    Ive been really into classic rock band’s covers of other classic rock songs. I watched a playlist on YouTube of a bunch of Springsteen live covers of songs and it was just incredible.
    Any other suggestions of great artists covering other classic rock songs?
  4. Pakorosen

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  5. Jelutong


    Check out the new single and fun video by 5 guys from the UK called Maggie Cassidy. Just in time for Halloween!!!
  6. Pakorosen

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    KATHLEEN EDWARDS is a perfect stranger in Spain, although for me she is one of a leading composer and we could not stop reviewing her TOTAL FREEDOM album of return to music.
  7. Adam101


    Really liked the Stray Waves, especially their song Fairytale
    I ran into them on SoundCloud, haven't heard anything like that
    Don't know who are those guys, but they're making very strange and amazing music
  8. mad

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  9. ZooZooChaCha

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    Stumbled on Sundressed this weekend - their new album “Home Ready” is really great. My wife and I listened to it in the car today and we settled on calling it a mix of Upsides or Suburbia era Wonder Years mixed with some Starting Line and Mixtapes.

    This one really reminded me of Mixtapes:
  10. Damien


    Recommandations RIYL in the same vein, for those bands with NEW BANDS ??? :

    The Cast Before The Break

    Moving Mountains




    The Republic Of Wolves

    The Assembly Line

    Team Sleep

    Secret Grief

    Jude Christodal

    Art Of Fighting


    Hundred Reasons

    The Mars Volta

    My Vitriol (!?)


    Jeremy Larson

    Kill Hannah



    The Smashing Pumpkins (dead in my head)


  11. iGruud


    I'm here to promote an album of my idolo.

    The album will be released this morning (In a few hours | 2:00 AM)

    it's called "BE" HERE ARE SOME TRACKS:
    life goes on [alternative Hip Hop style]
    Fly to my room
    Blue & grey [pop ballad with guitars]
    Telepathy [funky rhythm]
    Dis-ease [hip hop old school]

    Life goes on debut on youtube [2:00 AM]

    "BE" (the album) will be launched on SPOITFY, iTUNES, APPLE MUSIC, YOUTUBE [2:00 AM]


    Artist: BTS

  12. iGruud


  13. Bluedm

    Omoi bops

    I would recommend the Album The First Waltz by Omoi if you are a fan of Vocaloid

  14. This whole website needs to get on the Aries wave. Kinda like Post Malone but more intricate and bedroomy at times.

  15. ramanslayer


    Been really into this one. The guy was from My Darkest Days. Another band too, but I can't remember what it was called anymore.

    Reid Henry - The Blind

  16. Anyone got a recommendation for their favorite instrumental albums this year? I need something for when I study.
  17. Sarahtonin_


    This is more so how to make a good playlist recommendation. I have always separated my music into genres or decades. It feels so limiting though. How would I even go about mixing everything together?!
  18. angrycandy

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    some of the wildest shit I have ever heard

  19. angrycandy

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    this my favorite song

  20. Importer/Exporter

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    -yutaka hirasaka’s “Anecdotes Tape 2” (and the rest of the stuff he released)
    -Alabaster dePlume’s “for Cy and Lee” weird experimental but somehow calming classical/jazz
    -Arthhur’s “Let’s Go Piss in the Lake” ambient music, two of the four songs have narration though, if that gets in the way of your studying
  21. Pakorosen

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    this week I'm going for a run with the EP of American Thrills and enjoying the this 20th AOR CD. If you like bands such as Survivor, Foreigner or Whitesnake, you should fall in love with “The Ghost Of L.A”. the most powerful & melodic of all Frédéric Slama’s albums.
  22. angrycandy

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  23. angrycandy

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  24. angrycandy

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  25. angrycandy

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