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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Ricardo Pereira


    checked out a new artist that just came out, u can ear is first single in every platform.
    Check it out.
    Gabriel Leo - not into you
  2. getting serious Now, Now vibes from this song

  3. Mo Bounce

    Mo bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

    Here a live version.

    I love this small band / small concert atmosphere.

    This one here may be a little better known (at least on its days) but never got anywhere also.

  4. concealme


    Check out $moke - Dreamstate of a Real State if you like instrumental music
  5. Raditz


    Recommend me some albums to train and raise my power level too. Looking for fast, aggressive. Gets the blood boiling.
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  6. drummerAVA


    If you're into heavier stuff/metalcore... Northlane's new album is out August 2nd, this is the 2nd new track they've put out so far. Took me a little bit to warm up to their new direction, but I'm sold on it now. Wish they had more traction here in the States.

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  7. Raditz


    I do like this. Of course the Yamaha United States isn’t giving them traction
  8. DeRRek

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    All you need is the Dillinger escape plan’s limerent death on repeat and you’re sorted.
  9. mattav152


    My fav metalcore record out this year so far is Evergreen by After The Burial. If you're into that then their previous record Dig Deep is another good one to check out. Its a bit djenty and quite aggressive, some of my favorite gym jams.