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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Spenny


    Mark my words, she's gonna be the next big thing in pop. Also bonus points since she is bringing even more visibility to the trans community.
  2. very into this
    good rec
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  3. David Parke

    The Harder I Swim, The Faster I Sink Supporter

    Bought the entire “Are You Afraid of the Dark” series for $10 on Vudu this past holiday weekend. It’s as good of not better than I remember and I already held it in high regard. Cannot recommend it enough.
  4. heroinman


  5. Lex

    the horizon is my home

    Just rediscovered this band. Don't know how I ever forgot about them.
    Also, I am interested in listening to more rock bands similar to this, if anyone has any recs!