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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Have an album or band you really think others should check out? This is a great place to post it. Make sure you give some details about what it sounds like, RIYL, and all of that.
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  2. Been listening to Madeon's Adventure a lot while working on all of the code on this site. It works well in the background and doesn't distract me while pouring through PHP code.
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  3. Thomas Nassiff

    i wrote it down for you Verified

    I have only listened to Bruce Springsteen and Future for the past month.
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  4. Sophos


    might i suggest checking out the new DJDS record that just dropped today then! it's a super upbeat dance record like madeon in a different way, more in debt to classic soulful house tunes. really good stuff i think you'll dig. it's called Stand Up And Speak and should be up on all streaming services
  5. [​IMG]

    On it for tomorrow.
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  6. Sophos


    in addition to that new DJDS record, i've been bumping the new Chairlift and Savages records quite a bit, really digging them both. Daughter is still getting near daily spins as well, of course, and I'm going to start prepping that review this weekend. In terms of stuff that isn't from this year, I'm on another one of my Gucci Mane kicks that I go on every single winter, this time focusing on the mixtapes Chicken Talk from 2006 and Trap Back from 2012, with my usual favorites Burrprint 3D, Mr Zone 6, and Jewelry selection thrown in as well. I counted when I transferred them all to apple music the other day and I have 14 Gucci Mane mixtapes, not even half. haha
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  7. Sophos


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  8. Anderson .Paak's new record 'Malibu' is one of my favorites this year. Beach themed, but RIYL Kendrick and retro R&B flavors.
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  9. Wall Of Arms


    Chapel Club. They're a band who sort of busted onto the scene with an album called Palace that would sit neatly among the Interpols and Editors of the world whilst being Morrissey influenced (and it's still good for what it is - my first premiere on Absolutepunk was actually with them for "Surfacing" back in the day!) but went away and came back with an album titled Good Together and then disbanded.

    It's said quite often but I think they were too ahead of their time with their Good Together release. If they released it today I think it would go down a storm and they'd be supporting the likes of The 1975 or M83 on tours etc.

    Moody, synth heavy, 80s-inspired tunes:

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  10. brandon_260

    Trusted Prestigious

    I've been thinking to myself about a few records from last year that didn't get enough chat last year so I guess I'll toss them out here.

    Braids - Deep in the Iris

    Empress Of - Me

    Autre Ne Veut - Age of Transparency
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  11. Ben

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    Really into this new Anenon record. This song is called 'Mouth'.

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  12. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Supporter

    The singer for Chasing Victory has a new project called Holy Slur and it's way different than any of their albums.

    Hand-Me-Down God
  13. morgantayler

    Justice for Bam Adebayo Prestigious

    Seconding Empress Of.

    Last year, I fell in love with Alvvay's debut from 2014 but it seems like it didn't get talked about much over at

    MS MR - How Does It Feel

    Lucy Dacus - No Burden
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  14. Sophos


    the field - cupid's head. absolutely mesmerizing dance music, he's an insanely talented producer with so much emotion dripping from the layers of his detailed compositions
  15. I'm going to remake this thread but title it RecommenJasons
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  16. Sophos


    been listening to the field's albums a lot lately in anticipation of his newest. his music is very.....blissful. the layers and emphasis on textures really pull the loops together, forming this giant cascades that wash over you. super interesting and super emotional stuff. from here we go sublime and cupid's head are his best two record, though all are great and the new one is probably going to be amazing as well given his track record.
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  17. Brenden

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  19. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Prestigious

    i'm loving Torres lately.

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  20. Her record is really good. I really regret missing her show with Julien Baker in January.
  21. Brenden Mar 23, 2016
    (Last edited: Mar 24, 2016)

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    Plainclothes are really good. Washed Up Emo recommended them a couple months back and I seriously haven't listened to something this much in a long long time. In the emo vain of the Mike Kinsella/Amerian Football stuff but a little more aggressive.

    Their record label sponsored Encore the other week and I was disappointed it wasn't this band. Vinyl is out and its like $7 for the 12" and they give away an unknown amount of free downloads a month on their bandcamp.

    'Poodles & Pool Noodles' and 'Albert Einstein' are my two favorite tracks but honestly everything on this just rips.

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  22. ghostxvapor


  23. Deanna

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  24. phaynes1


    absolutely cannot recommend iggy pop's "post pop depression" enough. it's incredible. produced by josh homme (QOTSA/EODM) with the rest of the band being filled out by dead fertita (dead weather/qotsa) and matt helders (arctic monkeys).

    realize his discography is a daunting thing to start with but i feel like this is a pretty good place
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  25. DarkHotline

    Proud To Bathe With A Rag On A Stick Prestigious

    Been playing the living shit out of the latest School of Seven Bells record, SVIIB. A synth-driven dream pop effort, the record is a reflection of a time spent with someone, this case being the late Benjamin Curtis, whom passed away from T-cell lymphoma in 2013. It's a fitting tribute and in my case, makes me think of the personal connections I have with people in my life. It the perfect record to end SVIIB in my opinion, definitely will be in my top ten at the end of the year.
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