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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. LLDtracks


    Recently listened to some InfectedMushroom tracks. I never get tired of them.
  2. himynameisiain

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    Has anyone heard of Bearings? Absolutely addicted to them.

    The first tune got me hooked. Throws me back to first getting excited for pop punk which ive not had in so long. Second tune has killer chorus. Really liking this band.

  3. campeondeluniverso


    been heavily into Weatherbox lately. want those halfway home songs on spotify asap.
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  4. Sasidhar Vankina


    Lots of throwback Flatbush Zombies
  5. Poema


    Recently listen to this beat called, House man. I'm a big fan!
    The genre is House/ electronic.
  6. JM95


    HTRK - Venus In Leo. From start to finish on a loop today pretty much.
  7. laurahphoto

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  8. heythanksman

    Southern Belles

    Tycho - Weather (available instrumental tracks)
    Death Cab For Cutie - Photo Album
    Washed Out - High Times
    Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue
  9. brothemighty


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  10. Annabeth

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    Dripping Sun - Kikagaku Moyo

    Good shit, recommend everyone to check it out. Really dig the tempo changes too.
  11. Orla

    right on!

    Decided to listen to Sun Kil Moon for the first time today and oh boy, I was not expecting Admiral Fell Promises to wreck me like it did.
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  12. justin.

    我誰什麼? 我現在知道。

    The latest Chelsea Cutler is really good.

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  13. chpratha


    New EP - "The Same But Different" by K-Threat & Yung Chubbz
    The track of the song is really sensational. This song is a success!!. Loved the instrumental in this. The flow is also great. Keep it up guys! Good luck!
    The Same but Different
  14. Ferrari333SP

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    My #1 song of 2019

  15. PureBlueSF

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  16. Sadness


    A moody piano piece
  17. Joshua


    I've been really digging these guys recently, their album keep up was definitely one of my favorite albums of 2019
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  18. OFEK


    i really like this one
  19. Dc6


    Had been waiting for this new Halsey for a minute I’d take a listen if I were y’all Manic by Halsey (album)
  20. Ferrari333SP

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    So yeah it's a stacked release day - Release Radar playlist on Spotify is poppin' with great new tracks
  21. Importer/Exporter

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    This song/artist is great. FFO The Mountain Goats or Kevin Devine or something.
  22. Cipher


    A few days ago, I listened to More Than This by Trading Yesterday for the first time.
  23. PureBlueSF

    Like reaching hands that never connect Supporter

  24. Eclipsechaser


    Some seriously funky 7os Latin music. All restored old vinyl Lps. Vol 2. Each record had quite a bit of restoration on it. I hope you like it.

  25. TJ Wells

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    Fuck this is good.