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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Orla

    right on!

    Watching the first series of Derry Girls has put Whigfield’s “Saturday Night” in my head. Hadn’t heard it before, but then again I was quite tiny in 1994 & the song didn’t seem to catch on here in the States as much as in Europe. Bop and a half, though.

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  2. Orla

    right on!

    LAOISE’s newest EP is her best work so far. Brimming with hooks. I’ve had it on repeat since waking up this morning.

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  3. Kuri44


    Digging The Faim's new single. Gives me P!ATD V&V vibes
  4. Devin Sunshine


    Recently been listening to all these songs on this playlist.. Check it out and follow if you dig it too! Mostly rap/hiphop/rnb. Some mainstream, but lots of undiscovered artists too. Let me know if you have a song you'd like to suggest!

  5. DeRRek


    Ok. After constantly searching for so long trust company’s the lonely position of neutral is FINALLY on Spotify. What an album!
  6. drummerAVA


    Listening to the new Flume mixtape pretty heavily... it’s something else.
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  7. morken

    Not everything means something, honey Supporter

    Discovered Glades today. Weird they're not more talked about on here. A couple songs are a little to EDM'y for me, but great pop record overall. Getting tons of Naked&Famous, Fickle Friends, Carly Rae vibes. Even some 1975 influence in there.

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  8. Orla

    right on!

    When Mallrat dropped her ‘In The Sky’ EP last year, I didn’t gravitate toward this track so much. Came back around to it over the weekend, though, and now I can’t stop listening.

  9. Mason


    Black Matter Device - Hostile Architecture
    FFO: Daughters (Canada Songs/Hell Songs era), SeeYouSpaceCowboy, HeavyHeavyLowLow
  10. PureBlueSF

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear Supporter

    It's nice to finally be able to listen to songs from DDR A without the annoying ass announcer screaming over them
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  11. MyBoiii


    Really loving this guy he’s hilarious
  12. jorbjorb


    I’m liking this
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  13. John P Smith Apr 11, 2019
    (Last edited: Apr 11, 2019)
    John P Smith


    Listening to iKon's love scenario. Wanna play it with tiles hop at apknite extension.
  14. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    i'm digging through multiple hard drives for extra music to put on my phone to play on my commute, and does anyone remember bedlight for blue eyes? they're were fairly decent.
  15. Orla

    right on!

    It’s a Margo Price kinda night, but the entire past week I’ve been heavy into Orla Gartland’s discography. “Lonely People” especially is such a tune.
  16. Mcrx


    Vulnerable album by The Used
  17. Dog with a Blog

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Been on a huge Vespetrtine kick lately. Perfect album imo
  18. Dc6


  19. SuperCoolFool

    I have to tell you something....I eat lightbulbs

    Been on a huge drowningman kick recently, they're basically just Deadguy-goes-emo and loving it. Just got Don't Push Us in the mail the other day too
  20. ZooZooChaCha

    Trusted Supporter

    Apple Music put me on to this one:

  21. PureBlueSF

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear Supporter

    Been listening to various songs off of the soundtrack for the game Heart of the Woods because it's seriously so fucking good. This one is my personal favorite.
  22. Orla

    right on!

    Been playing Clairo’s “Bags” a ton since it came out, plus the new Alex Lahey record, and loads of Irish pop music. This playlist has been part of my mornings for the past month or so:

  23. markus67365


    Celeste Kellogg - There's a Beach Somewhere
  24. AmmyR

    Haunted by a passion for ghostwriting

    Just listened to Cream's White Room. What an absolutely beautiful single and the entire album is a mood shifter. Strongly recommended.
  25. PureBlueSF

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear Supporter