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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. lilcrescentmoonemoji


    I luv luv luv the new cherry glazerr stuff. that “wasted nun” vid also slayed me
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  2. lilcrescentmoonemoji


    I feel like this isn’t exactly “good” music but I fit snugly into the target audience for it and it makes me feel like my sensibilities r being represented even if in a weird distorted way so I’m still gonna listen a bunch
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  3. Orla

    right on!

    Say Lou Lou’s ‘Lucid Dreaming’ LP. Maybe not such creative melodies, but they nailed crafting tight pop structures & perfectly utilised harmonies throughout. Always a super fun listen.

  4. SoCoWilderNeSs

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    I've listened to this album on repeat all day while working:

  5. Devin Sunshine


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  6. FireforaDryMouth


    Metal. Snails. The Lord's Welcome Home.

  7. markus67365


    Celeste Kellogg - Lightning

    Celeste Kellogg - Country Swagger
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  8. Devin Sunshine


    check out this playlist and follow if you like mellow hip-hop ! some old school hip-hop and other things in there too B-)

  9. Orla

    right on!

    Fever Ray’s “Mustn’t Hurry” is most of what I’ve listened to over the past few days. What a brilliant track.

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  10. Scarecrow Boat


    Ruston Kelly- Dying Star
    Bon Iver- Bon Iver
    Better Oblivion Community Center
    James Blake- Assume Form
    Health- Vol 4: Slaves of Fear
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  11. Oskarr

    get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

    HIM - Salt in Our Wounds

    Because Valentine's Day, obviously.
  12. Devin Sunshine


    this song is a whole vibe :ok::ok:
    beat drop is cool af
  13. PureBlueSF

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear Supporter

    I'm on a bit of Bemani music kick.
  14. Orla

    right on!

    The new Alex Lahey single is fucking fantastic! Her last record was my favourite album of 2017, but I didn’t know what to expect when she announced a new LP. Song is catchy as hell, references Emilio Estevez in the chorus, and she rips a killer saxophone solo! It’ll be a banger played live for sure

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  15. markus67365


  16. johnnyutes

    Vaya con Dios Supporter

    Live version of the single from new album out March 29

    Old song if ya dig
  17. FuzzyNugget


  18. Oskarr

    get off the high horse and fly the spy plane

    mewithoutYou's Birnam Wood has such a nice ending. That's what I keep listening to on repeat.
  19. SuperCoolFool

    I have to tell you something....I eat lightbulbs

    What I learned in boating school is:
    I actually can really get behind deathcore.
  20. Zhanteimi

    music listener

    Listening to this for the first time and quite enjoying it:

    I've heard of her because of the Lemon Kittens.
  21. lilcrescentmoonemoji


    got out of the psych hospital to find they dropped this while I was in there, what a feeling, such a beautiful track, really movin me
  22. lilcrescentmoonemoji


    this remix is so nice :heart:
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  23. Trick Room

    Trick Room!

    "Moral of the Story" by Ashe!

    Wow, what a beautiful song, the lyrics speak to me in such a profound way, every time I listen to it, I feel something. You can tell that they were written from the heart.
  24. PureBlueSF

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear Supporter

    Because I played it a bunch of times on DanceRush Stardom at Round1 ealier.

    Because I played it a few times on DDR Ace at Round1 earlier.

    Because I found my copy of this album again recently and remembered how fucking good it was.
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  25. lilcrescentmoonemoji


    mostly just listening to city girl lately. my very favorite kind of vibes. ordered the CD of this album and im excited to adorn my laptop with some of the stickers it comes with, I also love all the art she uses
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