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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by dylan, Apr 7, 2016.

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    nobody else will be there then

    Fine Young Cannibals would be a good karaoke go-to too
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    I’m so sorry goddess Kirsten and lord sisqo

    Also I double fucked up bc get over it is a midsummer nights dream not cyrano

    I could make a joke about the DCOM let it shine because that IS cyrano but I feel my audience here rly wouldn’t get that
    And anyway the original joke was so funny if I wasn’t an idiot
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    Why are so many teen comedies Shakespeare

    10 Things I Hate About You and She's The Man too
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    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I know I love it hahah
    I used to be reallllly into that hah. In high school I rly liked shakespeare and obviously we all know my love for 90s/2000s pop culture things
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    Thank you for clarifying this
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  8. SlappinCups Jan 10, 2019
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    nobody else will be there then

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    0/5 morning tho.

    Before I went to bed I was like, “I should prolly pound water and Advil” and thought about it for a few seconds and was just like nahhhhh. Bad move
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    I’m too embarrassed to go back and read my posts. Did I mention how I went to one of my favorite bars and they didn’t charge me for any of my drinks? That was tight. Felt like an asshole tho cause I didn’t have cash on me to leave a tip.

    But yeah I was hanging out with my bartender friend and she kissed me on the cheek and that’s when I tried to kiss her but she said she had a bf.
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    After my relationship with my long term gf ended we became great friends. Communication was always an issue in our relationship and it continued into our friendship though. I would always be the one to reach out and try to hang out, invite her places etc. It sucks but I still love her and when we hangout we have a great time. When I don’t hear from her for along time I usually just chalk it up to “well that’s just (insert name here) being (insert name here)” and don’t take offense. I genuinely consider a best friend and someone I’ll have in my life forever.

    Anway, I haven’t heard from her in awhile so I texted her maybe a month ago just wishing her well as the semester closes and that I love her and that we should catch up. No reply. I don’t text her again. Cut to a couple days ago: I call her, no answer, and leave a message saying how I’m gonna be in town and that we should hang out. Then I text her yesterday pretty much saying the same thing I said in the voicemail. She hasn’t even read it and I know she has read receipts on. But she’s posted a bunch of stuff on her Instagram story so I know she’s probably seen that I’ve texted her. Then I just checked and apparently she unfollowed me on Instagram.

    I just don’t know why. Like, we’ve been on great terms for a long time now. I don’t even think of her as an ex, just a friend. If this is her ghosting me out of her life then I’m honestly gonna be pretty heartbroken
  13. ncarrab


    Does she have a boyfriend now? Maybe she - or the BF - is uncomfortable continuing to talk to an ex if she’s dating someone new.

    Even if that were the case, I think it’s fair to explain that to you.

    I know when I started dating my wife, she would still casually talk to an ex who had moved away if he texted her. When my wife and I started getting serious I remember her telling him it wasn’t fair to me to still talk to him (I didn’t ask her to do that...although to be fair, he was sending some pretty aggressive texts - still it didn’t bother me)
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    She is like hardcore lesbian and single
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    Is this why you were too hungover to answer my call this afternoon?
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  19. marsupial jones

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    So I’ve been talking / hanging out / making out and fooling around a bit with a girl from work (I never learn) and today while we were eating lunch with a large group of coworkers someone mentioned how I live like 10 minutes from the office and she goes, “damn, really? Just another reason for me to start spending the night at your place instead of you always staying at mine” (she lives in another city, 45 minutes away from our office).

    No one knew we did as much as hung out and she drops this on everyone like it’s no big deal (I don’t personally care and their expressions and “wait... WHAT” was awesome).

    So much for keeping this hush hush
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    nobody else will be there then

    jones is over here absolutely defecating all over where he eats no f**ks given
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    determined last night that @thesoftskeleton and I's relationship is a lot like frank and estelle costanza just constant yelling at each other

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    pending approval

    wow. a little egotistical to hold yourselves in such high regard don't you think?
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    He’s a narcissist
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    He holds himself in such high regard because physically he cannot reach anything else that is high.