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Real Friends Cancel Upcoming International Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Real Friends have announced that they are canceling their upcoming tour to focus on mental health:

    This has come recommended by both the band and my psychiatrist so I can have time to continue learning to live and deal with my diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Since coming home from recording, I am sober, on new medication, and undergoing an intensive outpatient group therapy program per the recommendation of my therapist.”

    I am continuing to better myself so that Warped Tour this summer will be a fresh start for not only me, but for Real Friends as a whole. We all want to be the best possible versions of ourselves as individuals and in turn be the best possible version of Real Friends.

  2. tyramail

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    Poor guy. Glad they’re doing what they need to do though.
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  3. sammyboy516

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    Don’t know if he reads this website, but I have had family members affected by bipolar disorder and I have seen them get better and live very happy lives. Keep working to get better - it gets easier.
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  4. zachmacD


    My dads bipolar. He definitely doesn’t react like he did before medication but it’s definitely still a struggle for him. We just don’t run for cover when he gets upset. I see some of it in myself which is scary but one day at time. I feel for anyone who’s dealing with this in any way
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