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    lmao my favorite comment in the comment section is "Spy Kids 3D but for adults".

    basically boils down to if you think the references and the basic idea is cynical or goofy you probably wont like it, if you can put up with that youll probably like it.
  3. It's even worse in the script. The sex scene is absurd. Hopefully it didn't get filmed.
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    I was unsure about this due to the trailers but word of mouth is that this is a film worth viewing in the cinema. I’ll probably watch it a few weeks after the release.
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    This will be a wild theatre experience. I cannot wait.
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    New trailer. I am HYPE.

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    T-Rex scene:

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    Apparently Spielberg shot the real world footage in 35mm and the Oasis stuff on digital. That's pretty sweet.
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    So is 3D not necessary for this movie?
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    Saw a pre-release screening of this last night and enjoyed it a lot. My wife, who wasn't as well versed on a lot of the video game and culture references, enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. The film is a visual masterpiece and all of the pop-culture references didn't feel shoehorned in to me.The plot was pretty conventional but well executed. The acting performances were solid. All in all, it was a nice film that I enjoyed a lot as a casual moviegoer.
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    Really solid, fair review. This is about what I expected.
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    So how many of y'all have seen it then
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    can't get over how Wade's avatar looks like Jack Frost from that Rise of the Guardians movie.

    almost done re-reading the book and i'm still so sour about certain elements; looks like from the trailers they changed a lot about the 3 keys/gates (for good reason, so much about those wouldn't work in live action)
    haven't read the screenplay but i hope it's all well executed.

    also, has anyone read this article from Vox?
    The Ready Player One backlash, explained
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    I know virtually nothing about this movie or book, but I’m testing this at work for tomorrow and happened to skip to a part that takes place in The Overlook Hotel and that got me pretty intrigued tbh
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    really excited to see this tonight. over the past month or so used the movie as an excuse to watch the Spielberg filmography in order which was a really enjoyable experience. though Jurassic Park to Schindler's List to JP: The Lost World was a confusing range of emotions haha.

    But I'm seeing Ready Player One in one of those XD theatres with wall to wall, floor to ceiling screens, as well as the super fancy "feel like you're there" sound system. pumped.
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    Thought the trailers looked awful but the reviews have me hyped for tonight.
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    The fact that this has an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes is shocking to me, it seemed like the critics had been salivating over the opportunity to tear this thing apart for months.
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    Skimming reviews, I am glad the nostalgia isn't being played up just for nostalgia's sake since that is the not how the book frames it either. The characters and artifacts of yesteryear are used to move the plot ahead instead of being some South Park Member Berries sorta thing.
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    In looking at the reviews for this I saw the list that ranks Spielberg's movies by RT score and am sad Hook was dead last. I loved Hook.
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    Film Twitter and film critics aren't exactly the same
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    right?? I have never understood the hate that film gets whenever it's discussed on lists and stuff, yet I've never met anyone in my life who doesn't love it haha
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    I know, I meant critics, not film twitter. It really did seem like the rare situation where film critics and film twitter were in some sort of alignment.
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