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  2. Anthony_

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    Maybe! But, again, the discussion was originally about the script and the story and associated things about the plot, including the nostalgia elements of it. People who didn’t like the plot of the book are probably not going to like the plot of the movie, whatever other value they may derive from it. That’s literally all I’m saying.
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  3. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Can we at least agree that this is the novelization of this tweet
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    what the fuck happened here jesus christ
  5. Hash prediction: 1fe77359a8cffd30b0d7e598e6c70746
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    brandon in here telling people to respect the taste of others was rich
  7. Nathan

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    I’m not against the plot of the movie. I found the writing of the book to be indulgent and grating for a few reasons and chose not to pursue it. I’ve said that I’m not against the plot or premise by themselves, but that I do think the positing of a white, male, supernerd who’s great at video games and gets to indulge a white, male-centered nerd fantasy might be tiring or cringe-y for some people. I don’t think the backlash towards the film is coming out of nowhere, even if I think it deserves to be seen before someone critiques the work itself. But even when literally all I say is “this is why I hope the movie will be good despite X factors that aren’t for me”, I get pushed back against. I’ve been told there’s “no way” I’ll like this movie by someone who has previously insulted, belittled, and mocked me when discussing movies, and previously (incorrectly) told me how I’d feel about a movie before it hit one theater. If this isn’t a place where someone can talk about something and also challenge it, fine. This thread is an unpleasant enough space anyway, you guys can have it.
  8. Jason Tate Mar 7, 2018
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    What I actually said:
    I was wrong in my Last Jedi prediction. I have way more information about this movie than that one, and don't think I'm wrong here. Your attacks on the source material alone make it pretty obvious how you feel about it. If that's not describing you in the original quote, then cool.
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    Well, beyond my disagreeing with that characterization of the novel, which is just a matter of my opinion vs. yours, I just personally think that if that’s how you feel about the book, you probably won’t like the story of the movie as well. That’s all I’m saying. Not trying to attack anyone, and you might actually wind up liking the plot of the movie, I don’t know. But just from what Jason said of the script (again, I haven’t read it), it sounds like it’s going to be a pretty straightforward adaptation, which is why I’m also doubtful that someone who feels that way about the book will like the film.
  10. Anthony_

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    I should also say I fully expect this thing to be torn apart critically as well.
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    As long as Spielberg makes Wade likeable, I will be happy. Hopefully he and Cline worked to make that happen.
  12. Joel

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    he's relentlessly positive about music and constantly contributes to discussion and recommendations, he studies film and is passionate about it so he's opinionated. we don't like a lot of the same shit and he's never been belittling about it. shame he's gone.
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    i trust you've had a wealth of positive experiences with him but in my experience he was abrasive and often-times deliberately rude to more casual consumers of the things he enjoys to the point that i blocked him because i couldn't deal with how he carried his arrogance.
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    Dammit, you made me remember Chappie is a thing.
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    I’d be stupid not to give Spielberg the benefit of the doubt (except that one time in 2008 with the film that shall not be named.)
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    eh BFG was pretty bad in my opinion...but yes this has my money
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    how does this not have a VR tie-in game already, smh producers fuckin up
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    Fuck. This has been on repeat all day.

  19. spiffa0

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    The book was fun even though I don't think Cline is a great writer and the movie looks like it will be a lot of fun. That's good enough for me, personally.
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    I... can not believe this is real
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    thats one part incel, one part niceguy, and two parts neckbeard right there. gross

    kinda not surprising considering the book and such though.
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    He apparently wrote that for his wife? She worked in the porn industry out of college. Not that that's much consolation (plus it was written in 2000), feel like this is a bit more layered than it seems.
  24. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    ya my least favorite part of the whole book is the love story. Really taking manic pixie dream girl to the max.