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Ray Toro – “Hope for the World”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Ray Toro (formerly of My Chemical Romance) has released a new song called “Hope for the World.” You can stream it below.

  2. EmmanuelSCastle


    This is a weird song. I can get behind the overall message of peace, but there are certain lines that to me sort of sound like respectability politics ("we all bleed red," or something like that is one off the top of my head) that just kind of turn me off and make me a bit uncomfortable. I'm not gonna say it's bad off a first listen though since I don't have the lyrics in front of me and there could very well be parts I'm missing that make those lines better in context. Sonically it's not really my thing though.
  3. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    The saddest thing about the MCR breakup aside from obviously not getting new MCR music is that I don't really like the music any of them are putting out aside from Gerard. There's things I like about this song but it's not something I'd ever listen to again. I miss My Chemical Romance. :(
  4. BradBradley


    Agreed, but I would bet almost anything that they'll be back within a couple of years.
  5. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I'd take that bet. People have been saying that since they broke up, ha. I don't see it happening any time soon, if at all.
  6. skogsraet

    Trusted Supporter

    It took me forever to listen to Gerard and Frank's other projects. Still haven't dipped into Mikey's. I might listen to this after I get around to that but I really liked them as a group and they obviously contributed very different things to MCR, and I'm not sure I want any of those things alone (except the cellabration).
  7. BradBradley


    Okay. I'm calling it. Mid-2018 is the time. If not, I owe ya a drink, haha. I dunno... if at all? I just can't believe that they'd refuse to reunite at some point. This is probably the most cynical view that a big fan could possibly have, but - at a certain point, yes, I think money could be a compelling factor if nothing else. Maybe or maybe not for Gerard since he's having some good success in his personal ventures. That said, if MCR announced a reunion world tour tomorrow, I think more than a few of those stops would sell out instantaneously. That's a pretty motivating ace to have up for your sleeve. Would I prefer that they reunite under more artistic circumstances. For sure! Do I think it would lead to some really fantastic music eventually regardless? Yep! I think we'll eventually get to that "We've gotta get the team back together!" tipping point one way or another. Maybe it's wishful thinking. I loved Danger Days. I'd love to see where they choose to go next.
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