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Rancid Detail New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 2, 2017.

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    Rancidwill release their new album Trouble Maker on June 9th. Today they’ve debuted the new song “Ghost of a Chance.” Pre-orders are now up.

    Track Listing

    1. Track Fast
    2. Ghost of a Chance
    3. Telegraph Avenue
    4. An Intimate Close Up of a Street Punk Trouble Maker
    5. Where I’m Going
    6. Buddy
    7. Farewell Lola Blue
    8. All American Neighborhood
    9. Bovver Rock and Roll
    10. Make It Out Alive
    11. Molly Make Up Your Mind
    12. I Got Them Blues Again
    13. Beauty of the Pool Hall
    14. Say Goodbye to Our Heroes
    15. I Kept a Promise
    16. Cold Cold Blood
    17. This is Not the End
    18. We Arrived On Time (Bonus Track)
    19. Go On Rise Up (Bonus Track)

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  2. JimmyIymmiJ

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    It seemed like it took forever to get that last album, and then this one comes out of nowhere. I'll always have a soft spot for Rancid.
  3. Former Planets


    I will go to my grave thinking that Tim Armstrong's career success as a vocalist is an elaborate prank orchestrated since his youth just to mess with him.
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  4. jorbjorb

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    wow this new song is horrible
  5. fredwordsmith

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    wow this new song is great
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  6. skaorsk8


    You know what we don't talk about enough? The Rancid album that was released by the Interrupters, "Say It Out Loud". Such a fun album.
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  7. JimmyIymmiJ

    Music, a steady riot in my soul. Supporter

    That album was so good, and I agree -- it really does sound like a female-fronted Rancid. Definitely haven't seen enough talk about it, and it is fantastic. That was my summer album last year.
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  8. ARo24

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    Funny you say that I was thinking the exact same thing when they came on XM radio last week. They both rule.
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  9. DooDooBird


    Man, I've probably liked 80% of Rancid's stuff, but this is a real stinker.