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  1. I think I liked this more than the first too. Didn't think I would because of all of the internet stuff. The scenes with the princesses were great. Needed way more time with the other characters from the first movie. So basically I'm just echoing what others have said in here already haha
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  2. Tim

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    Yeah, Internet humor moves fast enough, and movies take long enough to make, that it could've ended up lame. But, the strokes were broad enough & central theme universal enough that it worked wonderfully.

    Also, I like that I recognized Mingjue Helen Chen's avatar in the comments part of the movie. They later showed the avatar w/ her name in the credits. Love her art.
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  3. riotspray

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    Also, I really wish I would have paid more attention during the credits, but apparently Jason Mantzoukas' character's name is "Heynong man"
  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I liked that Vanellope's glitching was tied to her anxiety
    Yesss and Shank were major style icons and hearing Gal Gadot say Baberaham Linkin was amazing
    I was super happy when I recognized Bill Hader's voice and John C Reilly saying big boy was hilarious
    Zooks and Groot best duo ever
    the Disney princess part was def the best and Meeko was very cute
    I liked that besides the comment section part they kept the internet nice, better to show kids kitties on Twitter than Nazis
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  5. Carrow

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    the musical number had me in fucking stitches

    Disney is pretty great at sending themselves up

    I like how this was as much Vanellope's film as it was Ralph's. SO GOOD.
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  6. colorlesscliche

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    Watched this last night, loved it. Disney part of the Internet was fantastic.
  7. Lucas27

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    Loved this. Really surprised how much I did actually. Can’t believe how much I laughed and how emotional I got at the end. If the third Wreck it Ralph has is as inventive and moving as these first two it’ll easily be one of my favorite trilogies.

    Still laughing at the “Slaughter Race” song. So unbelievably funny.
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    Finally watched this last night and absolutely loved it! I got so many good laughs and the emotional side was great while tying into our web-based habits these days. Plus, I know we all loved "Slaughter Race," which was hilarious and perfect for the situation.

    I'd be surprised if they had another sequel. This just ended perfectly for these characters.
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  9. Anthony_

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    Finally saw this and I have to say, it was really great. Almost as good as the first one.