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Q&A and Chat With Raditz • Page 7

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Larry David, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Raditz


    Planet Shhh of course.
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  2. Richter915

    Trusted Prestigious

    This is the greatest thread of all the threads to ever thread.
  3. Raditz


    It is, because of course anything to do with a Saiyan is better than anything else! Ha!
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  4. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Is the show Dragon Ball Z you acting with a script, or is it all real-life documentary/reality TV style situations?
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  5. Raditz


    It's a faux documentary by an animation company. Most parts of it are fact, but they changed a lot of things such as my fate to make better story telling in their opinions.
  6. Kingjohn_654

    Longtime Sunshine Prestigious

    Just a friendly reminder that I'm one of Raditz's top 5 favorite posters on here .
  7. carrytheweird

    Probably stole the Dragonballs and wished for this to happen.
  8. Dog with a Blog



    Top ten albums of all time?
  9. Raditz


    Brand New- The Devil And God Are Raging Inside me

    Deftones- Deftones

    Disturbed- Asylum

    All That Remains- The Fall Of Ideals

    Faulkner- Best Of Dragonball Z

    Alkaline Trio- Crimson

    Hidden In Plain View- Life In Dreaming

    Every Time I Die- The Big Dirty

    Jimmy Eat World- Clarity

    Atreyu- Lead Sails and Paper Anchor
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  10. carrytheweird

    Atreyu, now there's a band I completely forgot about.
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  11. Raditz


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  12. Kingjohn_654

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  13. carrytheweird

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  14. Kingjohn_654

    Longtime Sunshine Prestigious

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  15. Dog with a Blog


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  16. Dog with a Blog


    Well, I’m glad to see there at least ten things on earth keeping you from destroying us all
  17. ShadowTh2b

    Ultimate Life Form

  18. Dog with a Blog


    Fucking lol
  19. Raditz


  20. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    @Raditz favorite food and drink?
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  21. Dog with a Blog


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  22. Raditz


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  23. carrytheweird

    I'm drunk so like, anyone could beat me up right now. I'll go for your legs. @everyone.
  24. carrytheweird

    I got a question. Where tf you been Radz?!
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  25. Ken

    forget tomorrow, side with the open road Prestigious

    This thread is really interesting with Raditz blocked haha.