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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Penguin, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. BirdPerson

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    Lynn is so fucking talented, god damn

    not gonna lie though, I love the full band ending to Heaven more than this stripped version.
  2. Scoob


    No Mercy is great.
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  3. jorbjorb

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    This album rips. No mercy is crazy
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  4. Kristen


    I'm still processing the record and have only had one full listen but overall I like it. I really wish I wouldn't have heard half of the record beforehand but that's my fault. Early favorites are What's Wrong, Walk Alone, and Half.

    Some of the songs will take some time to grow on me though. I don't dislike any of them but some of them specifically Nola 1 were a little underwhelming on first listen. Musically it is a little bit lighter than the rest of the album and provides a light at the end of the dark tunnel so I see why they put it as the last track but I was hoping for a stronger closer.
  5. AelNire

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  6. Connor

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    Just gave this band my first listen, damn this new record is good. Definitely gonna get a ton of spin time from me
  7. NewSurrender

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    I like this album on first listen. Favourites for now would be No Mercy, Half, What's Wrong and Winter
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  8. Supernova

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    This album feels a lot more dense than White Noise and I like it for that. One complaint though is that I can't understand what Lynn says a lot of the time on this. As if she doesn't enunciate fully, just tries to make what she is singing sound good.(and she sound wonderful of course). Especially on Walk Alone for example.

    That may sound harsher than what I actually feel about it, because this record is still great. Only listened twice through and excited for more time with it.
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  9. ImAMetaphor

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    I think that's fair. She doesn't enunciate very well. I'm with you, though: it doesn't detract from the record in a significant way, and her melodies/lyrics are strong enough to make up for it.
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  10. fbrrocks


    just got the new album today and finally listening to it after i listen to it a few times i will decide which songs are my fav and this is my first time listening to plus this is my fav band ever
  11. ugh, I'm so annoyed. I just went to see them live and while the sound was great, Lynn's vocal performance left so much to be desired it detracted greatly from the experience. Was so bummed I left after half the show because I didn't want it to taint the record, which I love to pieces.

    Sorry, just wanted to vent. :uhoh:
  12. Ferrari333SP

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    This 2nd album really dented the enthusiasm I had for the band; they came here recently, but I just had no interest in seeing them (have seen them 3 times in the past though)
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  13. Really? What don't you like about it?
  14. Ferrari333SP

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    Ehhh, it felt like more of the same; I went into it expecting something a bit more different, or a bigger level of growth from the 1st album, but didn't get it. Now that some time has gone by since the first few listens, I'll probably try checking it out again soon
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  15. Admittedly, I've first heard of them during this album cycle, so the pre-release singles to this album were the first thing that I've ever heard from them, but I have a hard time going back to White Noise since, to me, AWKOH feels so much more mature and I enjoy the production a heckuva lot more. Honestly it might be in my top 3 this year so far. MASTHAPIECE!
  16. Craig Ismaili

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    I forgot about this record entirely. Gotta go back to it.
  17. jjnunn118

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    I never listened to this album, but Holy is still one of my favorite songs
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  18. Micah511

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    The problem with this record is the lack of variation. If any one of these songs came on shuffle, I'd be into it, but it's kind of exhausting to listen to as a whole. That said, What's Wrong and No Mercy do stand out from the pack.
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  19. Heaven, Half and Anybody Else are also incredible in my book.
  20. Micah511

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    I do like those, but I think the two I mentioned are better.

    Honestly, the rollout has a lot to do with my feelings on this. They released so many singles, but the time the album came out it felt like the singles packaged with a new EP. Especially since the first 4 songs were released before the album release.
  21. You’re not wrong haha.
  22. ChiliTacos

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    Listened to this album last night for the first time in a few months. I think I like it more after letting it sit for awhile. I really enjoy most of the songs, I don't think there's anything I really don't care for. I think the highs on this are around the same as they were on White Noise (What's Wrong vs. My House for example), but the lows here aren't as low as the lows on White Noise.

    I saw them on the 4th of July and thought Lynn sounded fantastic.

  23. this picture is too hilarious not to share haha
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  24. K0ta


    This thread has been dead for an eternity and I am here to revive it and share my willingness to offer a blood sacrifice to get this band to tour again :verysad: They've been MIA although Lynn has been popping up on insta/twitter recently.
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  25. Ferrari333SP

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    She's probably taking an extended break after the craziness of the last tour cycle. Knowing how much of an introvert she is, it was probably too much for her, or at least she probably needed a longer break. Too bad the 2nd album I just couldn't get into. Hopefully they bring back the guitar in a louder way on album #3.