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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Penguin, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. SPine


    Listened to it on my ride into work. It slaps.
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  2. It's very good, not quite great.
  3. unbornwhiskey


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  4. beachdude

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    Oooh love Paper Route. That makes me interested to check this
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  5. jordalsh

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    this is good i like it
  6. Ah continuing the streak of only getting better, I see. This rules
  7. choke


    Wow, better than I expected. Song is great.
  8. K0ta


    My babies back at it again and killing it
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  9. AWasteOfATime


    solid jam, not the most exciting or out of the box sound but I dig it
  10. ChiliTacos

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    I like it!!
  11. K0ta


    So here for this
  12. Petit nain des Îles

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    What a banger, I almost thought it would turn into electroclash after the intro. I love how they incorporate electronics in different ways over the years.
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  13. beachdude

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    Just returned to White Noise for the first time in forever... this is AMAZING!! I honestly think I forgot how closed-minded I used to be musically... at the time I only dig their first post-hardcore EP but that was years ago now. FUCK this is so good... I’m so late but glad I’m finally getting into them
  14. beachdude

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    How did I ever NOT like this, like wtf was wrong with me?? Sorry I’ll stop
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  15. JamesMichael

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    They’re awesome dude I’m surprised it’s took so long for you to get on them! I know what you mean though I used to be the same. If it wasn’t a specific ‘genre’ I was out.

    I still prefer their second album but honestly all their stuff is great, the new song included.

    Stoked for the album!
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  16. beachdude

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    FIRE, OH MY LORD... wow. Seriously wtf was I thinking. The songwriting, the synths and production, her incredible vocals... there’s nothing wrong with this album. I can’t even pick favorite songs they’re all so great.
  17. beachdude

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    I’m really excited to just spend the next few days with all their stuff on repeat haha, gonna check the second album right after this.

    Yeah, I totally unfairly had this band written off as “not for me” and just forgot to give their stuff another chance (besides that first EP). But I’m SO GLAD I did.
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  18. Shakriel

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    I dig the new track a lot. Might try to go see their SF show.
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  19. respect
  20. K0ta


    It sounds like the logical evolution of PVRIS of the past few years so I really don't get that criticism. People talking like they've never used pop elements in their music before.
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  21. Yeah, it feels very of a part with something like "You & I" ... :shrug:
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  22. sophos34

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    yeah uh they’ve always been pop
  23. Imagine listening to St. Patrick and thinking “man I hope these guys never go pop”
  24. I remember playing St. Patrick about 1000 times in 2014 and my first thought was “this band could be the biggest thing in the world”
  25. JamesMichael

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    Yeah Pvris has always leaned heavily on the pop side. Wild to think people think otherwise.