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PVRIS / Lights / Party Nails / Flint Eastwood Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by Kellan, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Kellan Jun 5, 2017
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    @kellanthomas Prestigious


    I love that Flint Eastwood is on this.
  2. Behind the Barricade

    Just saw the NYC show is $29 in advanced ($30 day of. Idk why they do that) along with a $60 VIP Early Entry ticket (which I'm guessing is early entry/soundcheck) and a $99 Meet and Greet (which probably includes everything). This will definitely sell out in NYC even if the new album doesn't do well.
  3. thisisnotbrianm


    How is Terminal 5? In between that show and Boston. Been to HOB plenty of times so I know what to expect (plus its a "hometown show"), but NYC is closer, and can probably only swing 1 date of this given how close it is to Paramore's tour.

    Also to elaborate on VIP options:

    PVRIS Meet & Greet Experience Package Includes:
    - 1 GA Ticket
    - 1 Meet & Greet and Photo Opportunity with PVRIS
    - Venue Early Entry and First Access to Merch Shopping
    - Exclusive PVRIS T shirt *
    - Limited Edition PVRIS Tour Print
    - Commemorative Event Laminate

    PVRIS Early Entry Package Includes:
    - 1 GA Ticket
    - Venue Early Entry and First Access to Merch Shopping
    - Exclusive PVRIS T shirt *
    - Limited Edition PVRIS Tour Print
    - Commemorative Event Laminate
  4. Behind the Barricade

    I personally think it's the worst venue in NYC. It's in the middle of nowhere unless you drive, the security LOVES to grope everyone, if you're not on railing of the 2nd or 3rd floor, you won't see a thing. If you're on the bottom floor and short, you won't see a thing. The lines to get in take forever (especially for a sold out show) so be prepared to miss an opener unless you're 1 of the first 500 people in line. Also, don't check your coat because they take forever. It's just a poor venue all around in my opinion. They get a lot of great shows that are exclusive to the area but that's about it.
  5. Kristen


    Pvris and Lights :hearteyes:! I'm hitting up the Houston and Austin dates
  6. MegT585


    Wish there was an Upstate NY date. I still somehow have not seen PVRIS live.
  7. Behind the Barricade

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  8. tyramail

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    Fuck I hate living in Portland sometimes.
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  9. LuigiPeppercorn

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    ugh, terminal 5 really really sucks
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    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    This is an awesome opportunity for Flint Eastwood! They're a local here and they put on an excellent show!
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  11. estacey99

    Oh yeah, oh yeah, everything is terrible.

    I wanna see this but the Sound Academy (or Rebel now since it's trying to be a night club or whatever) is such a shit venue
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  12. WillTheInternetLikeMe Jun 6, 2017
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    I'm so happy that Pvris is finally playing a headlining set in Tampa. Saw them on their last headliner tour in Orlando and paid 27.50 and this time it is going to be around 35 dollars. (Prices include the convenience fee).
  13. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Pvris and Lights?? Mannn I want to go to this show. But Terminal 5 -_-
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  14. Behind the Barricade

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't stand T5!
  15. holdyourarrows


    Just got my tickets for the Tampa show, couldn't afford VIP this time unfortunately. Super excited to also see Lights again, I haven't seen her since 2012.
  16. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd

    Gonna grab tickets to this today. We don't get Lights on our date though which is lame.
  17. thisisnotbrianm


    Date added: 10/20 @ Royal Oak Music Hall, Detroit, MI
  18. Behind the Barricade

    Are any dates sold out yet?

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Seeing PVRIS on Saturday at Mo Pop for the first time. Really pumped, and I might try to do the Royal Oak show now, especially since it's a hometown show for Flint Eastwood too so every set will be HYPE.
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  20. holdyourarrows


    This started last night, did anyone go? Or is anyone planning on going?
  21. Kristen


    I'm going next Sunday!
  22. Kellan

    @kellanthomas Prestigious

    I'll be at Chicago! Same day as Cults unfortunately.
  23. holdyourarrows


    I'll be at the Tampa date. Still haven't seen a setlist from Lights but Pvris' set is great!
  24. jordanjohnson09


    from videos i've lurked on instagram, the lights set doesn't seem that great
  25. Kellan

    @kellanthomas Prestigious

    There's no way they'll ever play it but I wish PVRIS would play Only Love