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PUP Talk New Album With BrooklynVegan

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 3, 2019.

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    PUP talked with BrooklynVegan about their new album, Morbid Stuff:

    Yeah, a lot of the record thematically is about working through depression and working through challenges with mental health, but we tried to kind of take a light approach, a gentle approach to it. I think music and this band particularly is supposed to be fun, fun for us and fun for the listeners. We’re in a band ’cause it’s a good time for us, and there’s this weird sort of paradox of you wanna write about the stuff that’s closest to your heart, the stuff that affects you the most. And for me in the past couple of years, that’s been depression and mental health.

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  2. grimis16

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    "Like Dookie, Morbid Stuff isn’t really that different from anything PUP have done before it; it just sounds bigger and better in every way. The playing is tighter, the production is cleaner, and the songs are way, way catchier."

    Totally agree with this. People tend to complain if bands "sound the same" instead of constantly evolving, but you can evolve without changing your sound. "Kids" is amazing and I'm loving this so far. 2019 is destroying 2018 already.
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    This albums incredible.