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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by jordalsh, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. jordalsh

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    punk rock, then pop punk, then rock, then pop band from Belle Vernon, PA.


    Thrilled came out last year
    The Rewind EP will be pressed to vinyl in November, preorders are up now

  2. jordalsh

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    I fucking love this band, I think I just always will
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  3. jordalsh

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    I'm gonna talk to myself in this thread a lot. I wish I could have gone to the 37 Everywhere show in Pitt!! one of the first albums I ever loved
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  5. cwhit

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    did they threaten to quit music again lately?
  6. jordalsh

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    uh no
  7. ChrisCantWrite

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    I've never listened to these guys, but my "rival band" in high school absolutely idolized them. I'm digging the first song posted. Sounds so high school.
  8. KidLightning

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    37 Everywhere is a killer album and should get a lot more love than it does.
  9. smoke4thecaper

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    I will always have a soft spot for these boys in my heart. Don't listen to them as much as I should. I actually liked the last album for how different it was. Steve's voice gets better with age, IMO.
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