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Programming • Page 23

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Dirty Sanchez, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Dirty Sanchez

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  2. hermanthehermit

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  3. glennshort


    I like to do programming on C, C++, java. Now i want to learn python, can anybody share any platform to learn this
  4. maddistrong


    For web programming, I recommend to start with HTML5
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  5. maddistrong


    Hi, guys, I would like to tell you my story about programming and how I earn money by creating programs and applications. In 2016, I created my first app without any knowledge or experience in programming. I used custom software development companies to write me applications and then promote them on the web market place. On my first application, I earned ~ $ 1400, and spent $ 1000, profit - $ 400. Then I started working with a developer company that we work with today and we have already made about 50 apps (more than half of them we've sold). I still haven't learned any programming languages, but I still earn money by creating apps. If there're people who would like to cooperate with me, write to me in the PM and I'll answer you as soon as possible.
  6. RyanPm40

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    Anyone know how it's possible that my phone is giving me ad suggestions for a product I searched for over a company VPN?

    Surprised that a standing desk I was googling on my work laptop started appearing in ads on my Instagram feed when the VPN should be forcing that traffic through a different IP. I guess all traffic still needs to leave my Comcast router before passing through the VPN..
  7. DarthSidious


    Ok, it can be started from HTMLS, but what's next? I'm thinking about becoming a network Cisco certified engineer, but I just started to learn this stuff. Next will be C++ I suppose? Or Java? Right now I'm hunting for any knowledge I can get. One of my friends is a network engineer, and he told me that I can obtain Cisco certification in SPOTO and the only thing I need to do is study. Because they don't give you certification without passing the exam, and this exam is tough, as far as I understand.
  8. If HTML/CSS give you the web dev bug, learning a modern PHP framework like Symfony/Laravel would be useful. Learn SQL too.

    As for Cisco, you'll want to study. There are plenty of resources for that. I'm not sure what learning web development will do for your aspirations to be a networking engineer, though.
  9. patrickserrano

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    were you logged into the same accounts on both devices? That’s usually the fastest way for that to happen. Especially if it was anything related to Google or Facebook.

    Also if your work VPN is using split-tunneling then only the work related traffic will go over the VPN but normal internet traffic is treated as if you don’t have a VPN. That’s very common since it reduces usage of the VPN to only the parts that need it.
  10. RyanPm40

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    Nope! Social media is locked down on our company VPN, and our apps and websites are internal-only and can't be browsed to through the public internet. Only looked at this item on my work laptop. Very weird, but it must have something to do with it going through my router
  11. patrickserrano

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    VPN traffic should be encrypted, so I don’t think it’s the ISP or router. Did you use the same machine without the VPN? If so that would probably explain it, since ISPs do sell your browsing history to advertisers (as if they’re not charging enough already )

    Other than that, I’d say you just landed in a targeted audience based on other browsing habits. My wife is a director of social media, and has explained how those kinds of overlaps happen a lot more than you’d expect especially when they buy 3rd party data to enrich the audience.