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  1. NJPunkMusic

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    I re-watched the 2017 one last weekend and enjoyed it still. I hope they continue it and dont reboot already. bring lord zed and Tommy
  2. airik625

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  3. I liked the new cast they had, but I guess it makes sense since the reboot essentially flopped.
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  4. Nyquist

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    I’m so disappointed.
  5. Noooo I want this cast to come back
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  6. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Idk, the cast was not the issue. And this was still a lot of fun. And having Dacre Montgomery only appreciated in value...we’ll see I guess
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  7. RyanPm40

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    Yeah seems weird to get rid of Dacre with the success of Stranger Things

    Still haven't seen this though
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  8. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Yeah, people have been specifically praising him for S3 as well. Believe they didn’t know what direction to take it and felt the style would be too outdated too quickly
  9. If they don't make the rangers as diverse in the re-reboot then they are already fucking up big time
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  10. DrAlanGrant

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    Yeah seems so dumb with Dacre in Stranger Things and Naomi with Aladdin and their new popularity
  11. sawhney[rusted]2

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    I wonder if they signed with a conditional clause on the contract that they would be able to get out of doing it if it didn’t perform well? Scheduling and contractual obligations seems like the next logical issue
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  12. drewinseries

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  13. cryates

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    Cast definitely wasn’t the issue, and I found the movie rather enjoyable. Not much faith in this reboot tbh.
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  14. Zilla


    Yeah, that’s too bad. That movie is the closest the Power Rangers would get to a quality product.
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  15. This is a real bummer, but honestly kinda expected it at this point. It just stings because now I feel justified in being a little miffed that this one was like 1.5 hours of set up, lol. Was really looking forward to an all killer no filler sequel
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  16. Davjs


    Probably the main reason for another reboot instead of direct sequel. Since the last one flopped pretty much, they need to have them out of the suits doing origin stuff again Haha. So much cheaper out of costume.
  17. Cameron

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    Fuck that
  18. RyanPm40

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    Hopefully their suits won't look like they were designed by Tony Stark in the reboot lol
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  19. michael_gatto


    Maybe Hasbro had no choice but to reboot, What's if Lionsgate is being greedy with some of the rights?
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  20. Eric Wilson

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    Disappointing. I actually really enjoyed the first one.
  21. LessThanTrevor

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    I actually just watched this again the other day. It's a fun movie. The cast is perfect. Really enjoyed Billy.
  22. Raku


    Unpopular opinion here, in this thread...

    I'm actually excited for the reboot since I wasn't happy with how they handled the first reboot. I didn't like the awful suits that weren't (at all) faithful to the original MMPR show. I also wasn't a fan of the "dark and gritty"/teen drama approach. Power Rangers is a franchise that calls for a MCU style/level of writing/quality when it comes to their maturing adventures on the big screen.

    Just some observations from a long-time Power Rangers fan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yeah, I'm actually hoping for something more faithful when it comes to the suits... If spandex is too silly for them to use then they can use leather or whatever the CW (or really any other network tv/streaming) does for superhero stuff.
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  23. Nick

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    Shame. The cast were by far the best part.
  24. Zilla


    My big fear for whatever reboot is it will reach a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”/“Godzilla” situation where they listen to the fans that say “Not enough Rangers!” Then they make it mostly Rangers and they’ll be like “Yeah, we don’t like that either.”
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  25. Nyquist

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    I’m still so let down by this. It felt like the 2017 movie was made by people who genuinely loved the series and cared about the lore. There were so many easter eggs sprinkled in there for fans and they could have gone so many places with a follow up. Not even the Krispy Kreme product placement bothered me.

    “Krispy Kreme. Is this a special place?”

    “Very special.”

    “It must be. The source of life is buried there.”

    Still makes me laugh.
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