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  1. DrAlanGrant

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    I would fucking love a sequel to this. Perfect cast. Perfect cheese.
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  2. ChaseTx

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    Hasbro please. I will buy the toys this time
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  3. michael_gatto


    Hasbro getting the rights to the franchise gives me hope that we could get a sequel. I really hope so.
  4. I want a sequel as much as anyone but part of me feels like it's too late
  5. airik625

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    Did the first one make enough money to warrant a sequel? Can’t remember how successful it was.
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  6. DrAlanGrant

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    I don't have numbers to back this up but I feel like I remembered reading it was projected to turn a small profit after DVD & streaming sales. So maybe if they could lower the budget a decent amount they could make a sequel work

    But probably not
  7. Zilla


    I believe it made enough through merchandising.
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  8. Garrett L.

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    Billy deserves a sequel
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  9. popdisaster00

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    earned 147m (total) on a 100m budget which is not profitable from a box office perspective. But through merch sales, streaming, DVD, etc, maybe it paid off?
  10. Davjs


    The thing is that the sequel would need such a bigger budget because they'd have to be Power Rangers the entire time. The first movie got away with only having them suit up at the end but you can't do that again in a movie where they are already PRs. Because of that alone, I don't think we're getting a sequel.
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  11. NJPunkMusic

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    I need to see this again. I remember renting it and thinking it was pretty good, but i dont remember a thing about it now. And I highly doubt a sequel. Look at how good TMNT did and then TMNT2 came out (and was better) and flopped.
  12. CoffeeEyes17

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    its pretty wild that Hasbro forked over that much money for the PR license. im really optimistic though, if only because they cant do any worse than the Neo-Saban era (fuck you Megaforce/Super Megaforce) and Hasbro is generally very respectful of their legacy franchises like Transformers. it'll be interesting to see what a Power Rangers show looks like with Hasbro at the helm, especially now that theyre adapting Tokumei Sentai Gobusters into Power Rangers Beast Morphers. gobusters is a very different sentai show so id imagine a lot of original footage will be needed.

    the comic series and the Power Rangers Hyperforce tabletop game/show have been really successful experiment imo. Hyperforce is the first official american only PR team and i love the designs and the people they got to "play" those characters. the comic series is aimed squarely at older fans and i really like that too. i always loved the rumors that were going around during Ninja Storms promotion of the "Hexagon" project, basically a Power Rangers version of The Avengers, which would ultimately lead to the PR version of a Civil War. the comics have a lot of that inspiration in them.

    as for a sequel to this movie, green ranger is a given but id really like to see Rito or Zedd introduced, maybe even sow the seeds of the Machine Empire or the United Alliance Of Evil. id REALLY like to see the Alien Rangers or even the Zeo Rangers get introduced but idk if they have any plans of moving past the MMPR era. i would really like to see a big budget version of Green With Evil so if they do that id be satisfied.

    im srry for rambling i rly like Power Rangers and basically any Toku shows.
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  13. PeacefulOrca

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    They should just make a big budget Netflix series or something
  14. Davjs


    This would be cool actually.
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  15. Tim

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    I don't know that I'd want a full on "Power Rangers 2" per se, but you could totally take this great cast and make a new film that's equal parts sequel and relaunch. Like, treat this one as canon, but refine some stuff, don't market the new one as a direct continuation, and make sure it works as a standalone story.

    Superhero media does that all the time. Wouldn't be that hard.

    The main thing I'd change is the costumes. Completely ignore those CGI messes (not that you can't make good CGI suits, but they didn't, and don't need to). If you make good practical suits, you cut back on the budget while also making something that'll stick with people better. Then you can use the template of the original series and develop action sequences that are equal parts grounded action and visual comedy.
  16. St. Nate

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    Mighty Morphin suits were pretty dope.
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  17. Tim

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    I've said this probably multiple times in this thread, but... Anyone charged with a live action Power Rangers movie should be forced to sit down with the MMPR movie, Amazing Spider-Man 2, some Marvel Studios work, and some of the CW's DC work. The template is right there.
  18. nomemorial

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    I've said it before, but I loved this movie. Hate that a sequel is so unlikely, but I'm warmed to hear that Hasbro has the rights overall. It really is good to see proper attention paid to something that pretty much defined my childhood.

    Aside - mentioning the Alien Rangers/Zeo Rangers got me right in my feels. I recall both of the introduction of those heroes in the original US run and nothing was more exciting to me as a kid. The Zeo commercials prior to the launch of the season were SO HYPE (I'm gonna go track em down on YouTube and see if they exist, preparing myself for tears) and the Alien Rangers were just so cool and mysterious.

    Really gotta get back on watching Tokusatsu stuff. Got pretty into Kamen Rider for a bit, but lack of any easy/legal streams made it a bit inconvenient to follow.
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  19. Nyquist

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    Do you mean these? These teasers had me SO excited when I was a kid. They never did anything like this ever again and no one ever remembers what I’m talking about when I bring it up:

  20. Adrian Villagomez

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    Real life suits could definitely look better than (I'm assuming) more expensive CHI suits.
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  21. michael_gatto


    Honestly, the amount of money Hasbro paid gives me hope that they want to do big things with the franchise. Plus, in my opinion, PR was best when it wasn't run by Saban in the past. Ultimately I just hope they don't switch the comics over to IDW instead of Boom, since all of Hasbro's tie in comics are released by IDW. Boom is doing such a good job with those stories that it'd be a shame to end it all now.

    I also really hope Hasbro does something good with the Go Busters adaptation. Would love a more story based season rather then the formulaic monster of the week we've been getting with Ninja Steel. Also as far as a sequel, I agree a soft reboot of sorts would be cool. I'd love to see a big budget movie explore the lore of some of the later seasons.
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  22. Raku


    I'm not sure what to make of the Hasbro deal, but I'm gonna try being optimistic like everyone else on the net is being...

    Reason I'm so apprehensive is that things can always get worse, even if they look like they can't. However I'm just gonna hope for the best.

    Yeah, Zeo was a great era.

    I loved the theme song, and the transforming/morphing sequence was great at the time. It might be the nostalgia talking, but I still have a soft spot for the Zeo Ranger morph.
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  23. bd007h

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    I loved the movie.

    As for the TV series, I gave up on the show as a kid after Kimberly left and was replaced by a girl named Kat who could turn into a cat. I was like "this is too unrealistic for me" hahaha. Hey, I was nine :-/
  24. therookielot

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    I enjoyed her more than Kimberly actually. I used to have so many dreams about her, then when they all turned into kids that were like our age I thought I had my chance with the girl that played her as a kid hahaha
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