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  1. supernovagirl

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    R u me!
    I mean I almost came in third. Lol the last question was a “wager 1-20 points” and I got overly hasty idk idk I fucked up

    If I hadn’t of done that I would have gotten 3rd lol
    I only got 2 and a half (a multipart question) wrong out of 20. Oh and then the bonus of course lol. Don’t @ me I was a solo team and honestly it should have been harder. Obv not saying I would have won if it was but there were so many things for example a question was what month and year did it come out? I’m like why not go all the way and ask exact day (April 30 2004!!)?? there were too many questions that everyone/nearly everyone knew. There were like 20 teams so that’s saying how easy they were like. But then the few hard ones were REALLY hard (imo)
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  2. Jacob

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    A bit older but I like my hair length here, need to cut an inch or so
  3. Garrett L.

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    The question I got wrong was the name of the school they go up against in the mathlete competition. I remember thinking most of the questions weren’t hard but then there was a huge gap between me and fourth place. I got the bonus round right the fastest, but since two teams were tied for first with perfect scores, they used it as a tie breaker for them instead.
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  4. supernovagirl

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    Oof. Fuck I don’t think I know that! Haha
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  5. Garrett L.

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    Marymount. It haunts my dreams.
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  6. supernovagirl

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    Gahhh duh! Not one of those Marymount boys is cute!!!
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    Got rid of all my hair and my gf had some REAL issues with it lmao
  8. CarpetElf

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  9. Taketimeandfind


  10. elwayinthe4th


    I mean they're part of the geosphere?
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  11. CarpetElf

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  12. elwayinthe4th


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  13. CarpetElf

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  14. elwayinthe4th


    Dammit he's the worst.
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  15. CarpetElf

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  16. Dog with a Blog

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    Jesus Christ, Marie
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  17. Mr. Serotonin

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  18. Both Hank and Marie are amazing!!!
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  19. CobraKidJon

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    this is me. this is supreme.
  20. SpookinCups

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    legends only
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  21. Kiana

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    Saw my queen last night!!

    IMG_20191005_221139_1.jpg IMG_20191005_192005_305.jpg
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  22. Kiana

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    Just for good measure in case anyone called my love into question and thought that I wouldn't wander Planet Hollywood just to find an xtina elevator and then do the "like a tiger!" Photo pose

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  23. MrCon

    I was trying to describe myself to someone


    Just Dorking about in Bergamo. I nearly posted one from when we were swimming in a lake (we were the only people daring to do so), but I don't want to get banned for getting my boobs out.
  24. Colby Searcy

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    Free The Nipple
  25. colorlesscliche

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    Haven't posted on in a long while. Happy Monday!

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