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    Aww happy bday!! Mines tuesday also gonna be 27!!
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  3. awwgereee

    don’t you love what is intangible

    Pretty into the furniture at this bar
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  4. wtf
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  5. If anyone in New York hasn't been to Sam's Point, FUCKING GO. Its my favorite place I've ever hiked locally. Incredible views, easy to walk paths, lots of berries you can eat, and very diverse areas over about 15 miles. Just an incredible place. I'll even go with you! @Matt and @alina should meet me there. ;-)

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  6. alina

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    I didn’t realize how big New York was, this place is almost 3 hours away from us and it’s not even halfway into the state! Matt and I have been looking for camping places in NY sooooo
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  7. There are definitely tons of places to go in the Catskills. Tons and tons of places to go hiking and the cutest towns you'll ever see. I don't know how into the idea of camping the girl is, but we'll never turn down a good hike/trail run up there. Central New York is definitely a fun place if you've got the legs for it.
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  8. Taketimeandfind


    I also went hiking/walking yesterday. First time hitting a trail like this. Would do again but maybe not at noon in 100 degree weather next time

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  9. yeahhhhh I'm gooooood

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    Not going to lie, that’s like every other day in my house. Those and wolf spiders. In this heat they get in any way they can.
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  11. I remember the day I saw my first tarantula in Texas. It was also the day I saw my first 100 tarantula. They were seriously marching in a row down the street to find cover from a monsoon. I was terrified and engrossed in how organized it was. lol
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    Nope nope nope nope nope. My mom used to live in Arizona and she always wanted us to go back to visit when I was a kid and I’d throw fits because I was (and still am) terrified of spiders/tarantulas. Tarantulas marching down the street is my personal nightmare.
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  13. Dang I’ve lived in Arizona for most of my life and have never once seen a tarantula! Probably like 4-5 scorpions ever too, and only if I’m like literally on a mountain
  14. Oddly enough, when I lived in AZ we saw more black widows than anything. They seemed to be everywhere.
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  18. Hahaha I almost edited my post to say “if we’re talking black widows, that’s a different story”. They’re pretty easy to avoid but if you wanna find them you deeeefinitely will
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    0D26ED53-FEF6-47EC-9A6F-38AD06AFBE9A.jpeg Fuck people. Here’s a Bruce.
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    if i don't like your avatar i don't like you

    my pants have been soiled.
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    There are just so many bugs right now. I’m killing wolf spiders and scorpions daily. Sometimes I don’t even kill them because they aren’t as annoying as all the damn crickets and beetles
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    Oh look a pic I actually like
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    I wish you'd love me for life