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Post Your Phone's Lockscreen/Background • Page 6

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by DarkHotline, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. colorlesscliche

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  2. :peace:

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  3. lish

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    Changed a few days ago. I'm trying to find more positive backgrounds that don't suck, but it's hard.
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  4. Peachfuzz

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  5. coleslawed

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    no, these are from Kevin Russ. he's really good.
  6. I just had to.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.33.21 PM.png
  7. jorbjorb


  8. Callum Macleod

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    Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 22.37.50.png
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  9. LuigiPeppercorn

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  10. Drew Beringer

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    iPad Pro wallpaper

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  11. Callum Macleod

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    Found some really cool art for "A New Hope" and "The Force Awakens" that make really cool backgrounds.

    Photo 29-11-2017, 08 37 59.png Photo 29-11-2017, 08 38 05.png
  12. heymattrick

    Denver, CO

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  13. dogdad


    Does anyone have any cool Rey HD backgrounds? art or not? just got a new phone and would like a crisp backdrop
  14. RyanPm40

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  16. Frogfoot-25



    Not the one directly from the phone, but I just resized it a little.
  17. Peachfuzz

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    if anyone's interested in sharing their background and apps, I'm always in for some inspiration!
  18. airik625

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    I’ve also been using this one:

  19. jorbjorb Jun 4, 2018
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    Lock screen and Home screen
  20. Dog with a Blog

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  21. Dog with a Blog

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  22. coleslawed

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    I rotate between a few of these
    ackbar bkg 7.png chewie bkg 7.png turin bkg 7.png
    these two from Kevin Russ are my go-to's, though.
    home screen:
    russ flower bkg 7.png
    lock screen:
    russ lock bkg 7.png
    might need to make some new Star Wars ones now that TLJ & Solo are out.
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  23. Peachfuzz

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    Ever seen this one?
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  24. Dog with a Blog

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    EAFF63D9-37EC-4417-A728-CDF66C040125.jpeg 91D6BC16-6939-4FDC-AB07-F7EE8B94B182.jpeg
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  25. Serenity Now

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