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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by DarkHotline, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. troyplaysbass

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    Updated my lock screen for the first time in a couple years today:

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  2. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

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  3. sean_rugy

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    because football. Go Giants.

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  4. RyanPm40

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    New solid white icon pack :P

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  5. Nathan

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I use maybe 25% of the apps on my phone and should go through and delete all this clutter
  6. cryates

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  7. colorlesscliche

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  8. sean_rugy

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  9. Drewski

    Maybe so, maybe not.

    My late cousin on the lock screen and Phish drawing on the home screen.


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  10. esposimi

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    I should probably put my apps into more folders


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  11. LuigiPeppercorn

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  12. colorlesscliche

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    Haha for people who don't know what that is, they might think weird things about that.
  13. RyanPm40

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    Screenshot_2016-12-20-09-55-36.png Screenshot_2016-12-20-09-55-26.png

    All Christmas'd up!
  14. Leftandleaving

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    Chorus will appreciate my background. No one else does :(

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  15. Drew Beringer

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    Wife getting ready for our wedding

    And one of the cool new Apple stock wallpapers
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  16. motifsinthecity


    Photo Jan 07, 3 42 34 PM.png Photo Jan 07, 3 43 25 PM.png

    Home + Homescreen
  17. LuigiPeppercorn

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    new phone, still learning this damn technology

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  18. shea

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  19. ramres

    Next Show: Green Day & Fall Out Boy -- 8/22

    Playing around with my new Pixel and found that Google has a live wallpaper of the current cloud cover over Earth and it also simulates day/night based on your current time. Thought it was raddddd.

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  20. shea

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  21. IMG_8343.PNG

    Created a new grid wallpaper to change it up from my usual blur/gradient backgrounds.
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  22. Your Milkshake

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    Imgur Image
  23. EarlyMorningRiser

    Keep on the sunny side.

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  24. Callum Macleod

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    Always go full Star Wars.


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  25. Dog with a Blog

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    IMG_1545.jpg IMG_1546.jpg