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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by DarkHotline, Apr 1, 2016.

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    Epcot / Rothko

    IMG_4251.PNG IMG_4250.PNG
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  4. IMG_7358.PNG IMG_7359.PNG
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    image.png image.png
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    Screenshot_2016-04-09-15-37-41.png Screenshot_2016-04-09-15-40-48.png

    Fairly boring. My phone lacks expandable memory so I had to 86 my icon pack. The struggle...
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    Home screen and lock screen
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    Image-1_1.png Image_1.png

    Just changed my lock screen this morning. Haven't seen BvS but this was actually a variant Chris Daughtry did for issue 50 and I just thought it looked cool.
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    IMG_8347.jpg IMG_8348.jpg
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    Thanks! I think I actually found it on AP in a similar thread years ago. Gimme a second and I'll try to get it posted.
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    Background can be found here.
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    Changed it:

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    image.png image.png
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    How can I take a screenshot of the lock screen without the slide to unlock appearing?
  25. image.png image.png
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