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Post/War Release New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 1, 2021.

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    Post/War battle growing pains and the isolation of youth in their debut LP, Violet Light and a Hum, which is now streaming on all platforms. Violet Light and a Hum is an album that catalogs early adulthood’s experiences, the loss of love, lack of security, and the value of having people in your life. It’s inspired by the sad and aggressive music they were exposed to as teenagers, and the sound is a blend of indie alt-rock and the greatest hits of the Hot Topic t-shirt era. With heavy hitting nostalgia and catharsis, Post/War makes a grand entrance screaming their poignant refrain: you are nothing without the people you love.

    RIYL: Citizen, Teenage Wrist, Thrice

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  2. mrenkens007

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    I'm only one track in but digging everything so far!
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  3. Already bought it B-):clap: lots of strong lead-up singles for this one that I've been following
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  4. Chase thank you so much! Really appreciate it. Been loving what you dropped last month too (and Unfall)!
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  5. littledudeman


    Really liking this so far.
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  6. Gave this a few spins this week. I really dig it. I'm getting heavy Circa Survive vibes, especially in the second half of the record.
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