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Positivity Is Key to 2017

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. AelNire Feb 5, 2017
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    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    This might crash and burn but..

    I feel like all of the mental anguish Trump/the world is throwing at us needs to be countered with a little positivity and encouragement. I'm not sure how it will work but maybe give encouragement to the post above you or respond to any reply. Whether it's a quote, funny meme describing them or telling them something wonderful about them. Just anything positive in general. We as a human race don't do this enough, imo.

    I don't want this to be misconstrued as a popularity thing and I'll delete if anyone is uncomfortable.

    @thechrisformat You were one of the first people to interact with me on AP. I feel like we have a special bond and I consider you a dear friend. You've been a positive influence in my life and let me bitch whenever I need to or talked me off of a ledge. The world needs people like you in it and I love you. :heart:
  2. ForestOfAllusion

    Old Aesthetic Supporter

    I agree. Obviously stay informed on what is going on but do not spend endless time watching the news or reading online commentary on the negatives. I have been delving a lot of time into a few passion projects. I will talk about one in particular:

    I am in preproduction on a stop motion film, something I have wanted to do for years. It is challenging and I have found a lot of solace in my friends who we have all been encouraging each other to pursue their projects.

    I know that it can be a dark time and it boggles the mind to why and how people could support such a troll but also realize that I have not lost faith in Americans. We have been through shit before and it is comforting to see people fired up and actually care about the world they live in.
  3. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    I always appreciate your insta posts Erin. Always uplifting which we need more of these days.
  4. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    :heart: From your posts, I can tell that you have such a sweet soul. That's a rarity these days.
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  5. Kiana

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  6. Dirty Sanchez

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    I followed you Erin a long time ago and never got a follow back!!! :(

    Then again, I don't post or view Instagram much, so I guess thats okay haha
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  7. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    Gimme dat screenname.
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  8. Dirty Sanchez

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    I dont even remember.
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  9. AelNire

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  10. aranea

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    Hahaha ME??? Still? After the past few months of me being in a mood? That actually means a lot. Thank you, sincerely. I appreciate that. Hope you're doing well, Kiana.
  11. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    I appreciate everyone in this thread, got my faves in here!
  12. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    Of course!! You're a gem tbh!
  13. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

  14. Dirty Sanchez

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  15. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    we're on each other's team Platinum

    love y'all
  16. Garrett

    I'd like to be my old self again Moderator

    your gif usage is always top notch and i really appreciate that, amongst all the other things :)
  17. Borat 2: Vengeance

    Difficult as ever Prestigious

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  18. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    @AelNire @Kiana @lightning13

    Though I don't talk to you typically, I lurk an unhealthy amount and you're all wonderful and I've learned a lot from you all over the years. I hope you all find more happiness.

    @Fucking Dustin You are ok.
  19. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    I admire that you're moving a good ways away from home. That takes bravery. I couldn't do it and fuck working the to go shifts at your job lol
  20. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    Thank you! I appreciate that. It was definitely easier being in Jax for a year or so. The key is not moving completely away at first haha. But I like movement, it's nice but not for everyone.
    Yeah, it's not the greatest haha. I'm down to two shifts a week in Togo though. Plus the other manager slips me dining cards to use on cash checks sometimes haha
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  21. Fucking Dustin

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  22. Fucking Dustin

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    I have thoughts I wanna share but am on mobile and can't type much yet
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  23. Serh

    @TiredOfSeth Prestigious

    Dusty is better than ok
  24. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    ..and a wild Seth appears..
  25. dadbolt

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    @AelNire i appreciate the work you put in helping pick people back up when they're feeling down and also just making threads like this to inject positivity into the forum. also your gif game is srsly on point

    @CarpetElf your takes in the sports forum about the jaguars coaching/management and their bad decisions make me laugh harder than anything.

    @Fucking Dustin is okay

    @everyone else in here, yall are all great and i love u all