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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Expanse, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Jason Tate

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    Looks like I need to stock up on booze and warm food today.
  2. tyramail

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    Ugh that sucks. I’m sorry. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out as bad as they say. My girlfriend doesn’t get paid time off, so I feel you on the losing workdays thing, it’s tough.
  3. Kiana

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    Somehow I've never been to the Alberta district but I'm staying there in May so recommend my face off
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  4. chris

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    Teote Mezcaleria, their food is great! I’ve never been a huge tequila fan but I’m sure that’s also very good

    Back to Eden, good vegan/GF bakery. They expanded recently and I’ve heard they have pretty good brunch/lunch.

    Cruz Room and Bye & Bye, cool bars good food.

    Alberta also has Salt n Straw, Barista, Bollywood Theater, and Pine State locations.

    (I’ve never been to Pine State but all the rest are veg/vegan friendly)
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  5. SincerelyEmma

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    I used to live on Alberta St so I’m probably biased but that neighborhood is so cute! Really miss breakfasts at Pine State or Waffle Window and cupcakes from Back to Eden. I don’t drink, but my roommate was a big fan of Great Notion Brewery if you’re into beer. Cruzroom has great tacos and trivia on Tuesdays. They also put cute little plastic dinosaurs in the mixed drinks haha. Salt & Straw is fun if you’ve never been but overpriced imo. There’s a paint your own pottery place that’s always fun. You can check the schedule at Alberta Rose Theatre it’s cute in there. Honestly there’s a lot of cool murals and cute little boutique stores so it’s fun to just take a walk down the street. Enjoy!
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