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Pop Punk Christmas Compilation - Looking for submissions Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by scyllarecords, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. scyllarecords



    My label Scylla Records is looking to release a Christmas pop punk/punk rock/emo compilation this winter to raise money from the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, England. This is a follow up to a compilation that we did for Christmas 2014 for the same charity that included tracks by Lion In The Mane, Fort Hope, Natives, July, Cautioners, Hello Lazarus and more (and can be heard here:

    So this year, we're looking to do it all again and are looking for bands to submit tracks (either festive covers or festive original tracks). There won't be any payment for inclusion as 100% of the money we receive will be donated to Great Ormond Street.

    A few bits of information:
    Final audio files need to be submitted by the last week of November.
    Already released tracks WILL be considered, but obviously something new and/or unreleased would be better.

    If you are interested, please email with a link to your track if it's recorded or just tell me that you're interested if it's not yet recorded.

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  2. Inna Selez


    Up this thread.
  3. Of course I'm interested!
  4. Down with this. I'm gonna try to make this happen. Question: will there be a one track limit? Like, if a band wanted to contribute a cover and an original, is that a possibility? This might not even apply to me but kinda just wanted to get it out of the way haha.

    As a side note, thank you to Scylla for putting The Positives on vinyl into my hands a few years back. One of my favorites.
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  5. scyllarecords


    Sorry, I've been away and didn't see this!

    I'm trying to keep it to one track, and to be honest getting a band to record two tracks and never see any money for it is asking quite a lot! Maybe drop me an email and let me know how you can help - things are coming together fairly nicely.

    No worries - really loved the Person L record and it was a total pleasure to put it out on vinyl.
  6. scyllarecords


    This is now up for pre-order: