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Polyenso Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by indecipherable, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. indecipherable

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    Polyenso is an experimental American band based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The band is composed of lead vocalist and keyboardist Brennan Taulbee, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alexander Schultz, and percussionist Denny Agosto. The band's members were all at one point in American post-hardcore band Oceana, but moved to lighter, more uplifting music under the name Polyenso. They create their sound through a fusion of indie rock, electronic, folk, jazz, and hip-hop.

    2013 - One Big Particular Loop
    2015 - EP1
    2016 - Pure in the Plastic
  2. Listening to the new album now. It's gonna be a grower but there's no denying this band's talent.
  3. Evolution Kid

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    Got to work with them on some of the sessions for the new album. Such a good album and group of dudes. I really want to see them blow up.
  4. I've been saying this since the Clean Head EP. I got to meet them through a friend that was randomly playing drums for them (as a second drummer) for a bit. Super nice guys. They deserve all the success that is hopefully coming their way.
  5. indecipherable

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    new album is on spotify/apple music now
  6. Cory

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    Pure in the plastic is fantastic. I've had a few listens now and it definitely gets better with each one. I loved OBPL. I hope they continue their upward trajectory. Great stuff.
  7. kwilcox


    I can't stop listening to Pure in the Plastic. I've had One Big Particular Loop in my car for two years straight, but this new album is unreal.
  8. The new album dominated the past couple of days for me. Not very familiar with this band at all, gonna have to check out their other releases
  9. kwilcox


    One Big Particular Loop is excellent. I'm not as big a fan of the Clean Head EP, but others reverse this recommendation.
  10. mad

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    I'm not even halfway through the new record and I already love it.
  11. Jusscali

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    This isn't even remotely what I expected this to sound like (weird, I know), and I'm not quite sure if I like it or not. Album has a real nice sound though - lots of nuances.
  12. Gooddayz

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    I am loving their new album. It does have some interesting/weird parts, but it all blends so well. I really wish they would go on tour, have yet to see them live.
  13. HelloThisIsDog


    Hey friends! It took me a good long while to find it, but I finally found the studio version of The Means on some college radio stream. I ripped it and uploaded it to the YouTube (unlisted - because I'm afraid of getting in trouble...will change it if someone can convince me otherwise) if you're like me and didn't get the vinyl preorder, here it is, the studio version of The Means!

  14. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    Studio version is good, but I still prefer the acoustic over it.
  15. kwilcox


    Pretty exciting to see these guys are opening for PVRIS on their next North American tour.
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  16. Jusscali

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    So 17 New Years sounds JUST LIKE Mute Math's "Odds" in spots.
  17. Gooddayz

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    You think so? I've never made that comparison. I'll have to listen again
  18. GhostOverground


    Does anyone know what Moona Festival is about? The lyrics are intriguing.
  19. vein.ftm

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    Pure In The Plastic is so amazing, and so underapperciated.
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  20. This really is a super underrated album. Kind of blown away it hasn't been talked about more around the site over the last six months or so.
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  21. Letterbomb31

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    I really like this album and I should probably listen to it more often. There have been so many great releases this year that I keep forgetting about it, lol.
  22. Wall Of Arms


    One of my favourites of the year.
  23. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Went back to Pure In The Plastic today. This is really good, but it feels like every song on the album is 30 seconds too long
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  24. Dog with a Blog


    Man this song is fucking RIDICULOUS. I'm so late to this album fuck....this song is so good. Hit me right in the feelers
  25. Kmil


    Bumping an old thread, but I jumped back into these guys and they are awesome. Also just heard The Means for the first time and what a jam. I prefer One Big Particular Loop over the newest album, but it's dang solid. Hope to hear something new from these guys soon.
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