Poll: Hop Along or Japandroids

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Which Band Do You Like More?

  1. Hop Along

    11 vote(s)
  2. Japandroids

    15 vote(s)
  1. Kyle is hk

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    Please vote in the most important poll of this election season.
  2. cwhit

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  3. George

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    Japandroids easy. Hop Along are pretty :shrug:

    Edit: I miss the AP smileys.
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  5. cwhit

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    this is such a weird comparison like why, a like doesn't count as an answer
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  6. cwhit

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  7. TheWater(s)

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    Anyone who answers Hop Along is wrong.

    But Hop Along is a good band.

    This is a bad poll
  8. Steve_JustAGuy


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  9. Importer/Exporter Nov 28, 2016
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    Hop Along is so insanely better than Japandroids I'm actually pissed I accidentally found this poll, wow. Way better lyrics, (imo) better instrumentation, and probably the best vocalist in indie rock. Not even close. Wow.

    But more importantly, I'm with all these people saying there's no reason to compare these two at all.
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  10. amorningofsleep


    Never heard of Hop Along.
  11. cwhit

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  12. Shrek

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    Poll: Who's better Neutral Milk Hotel or ketchup sandwiches
  13. cwhit

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    poll: is hop along a sandwich or is japandroids not a sandwich
  14. Chaplain Tappman

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    this is an absurd choice
  15. KidLightning

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    If Hop Along is a sandwich then Japandroids are the pickle on the side.
  16. Zac Djamoos

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    Fwiw I prefer the weakerthans to both these bands