Poll: Exclusive 'Live Album' Download Available to Concert Ticket Buyers

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I would purchase a live album add-on...

  1. ..if it were $12.99 or less.

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  2. ..if it were $9.99 or less.

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  3. ..if it were $7.99 or less.

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  4. ..if it were $4.99 or less.

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  5. Not interested.

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  1. bananastand


    At checkout for purchasing a concert ticket, you have the opportunity to add-on the 'live album' from that show (available only to ticket buyers). The audio would be mixed, mastered and delivered a week later for download.

    Feel free to elaborate on your thoughts.
  2. Ken

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    Not interested.
  3. kpatrickwood

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    I always like when bands do this, but I feel like it's really tough for people to tack on another $?.99 when snagging a ticket to a larger show already looks like this:

    Ticket Price: $$$$
    Parking: $$$
    Facility Charge: $$
    Service Fee: $

    If smaller bands/shows/venues can make it happen though I'd probably pay $5-$10. Totally situational.
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  4. Garrett L.

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    Interested, but it should be free.
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  5. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    really depends on the band, for most bands I wouldn't listen to the recording ever again, but it may be different for a "live band" like WIlco or My Morning Jacket
  6. DontTellMom

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    This is an interesting concept, especially in today's "gotta troll hard" society.

    I mean, if the general public knows that every single night of a tour is going to be recorded for a live cd of that show, then how long before people start going just to yell out obscene things in the quiet parts of songs?

    I've always thought, for that reason, that live albums shouldn't be announced when they're being recorded. Too many dicks out there, y'all.
  7. suicidesaints

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    I'd do it. Would prefer a live video, but I'll take what I can get.

    Would also love if bands did live streams of their shows for people that can't make it out, or want to see a specific cities' show that they don't live in. I'd easily pay $20-30 for a live video stream of most shows.
  8. Nick

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    Would be very expensive for the bands, no?
  9. bananastand


    There would be the fixed expense for mixing/mastering, but beyond that, I would imagine the majority of revenue going towards the artist after the venue takes an origination fee % as well.
  10. Nick

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    I mean actually recording would be an expense too. You're asking for bands to spend X amount of money at each of their tour dates on the off chance it can be recouped by those that were at the tour date. It's doesn't seem sustainable to me. Touring is already pretty expensive as it is, I fell like this would just be an unnecessary expense that could adversely affect bands.
  11. bananastand


    Ahhh, yeah in that case definitely. I was thinking of it from the point of view as something a single venue offers to bands as they come through, not a band on every night of their tour. In this case, there is really no expense or risk to them at all. They put on the same show as they would have, if it's a reasonable size venue with good ticket sales and enthusiastic crowd, add-on purchases would theoretically cover the expenses quickly and the rest is extra take home for the band. The only scenario I'm unsure about is if the expenses are not fully covered, on the flip side that's not sustainable for the venue. Could be a crowd funding esque set up to make sure the goal is hit?