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    Certain things trigger surveys also, but it's hard to predict. I seem to get one every other time I go to Vons for example, or when I use my phone to search YouTube for certain videos I get a follow up. You'll start noticing patterns over time
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    Started training at a food service job tonight for the first time in my life and got more excited than I probably should have when I opened Go after my shift and realized how many more steps I’m going to be getting now.
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    @Henry and Ronniedobbs (are you on here, I forget who is who), we're one day away from ultra friends, want to set a time?
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    Ronniedobbs is @maldoror
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  6. No. Go for it. I don't need exp
  7. maldoror


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    Cool Cool Coooooolll we're gonna be the 3 best friends in the world!!! I'm about 1/3 of the way to level 40 lets goooooooooo
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    I’m officially down to less than 1 mil XP until 40. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself when I get there
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    So, I know this isn’t the best Pokémon in the world, but I finally maxed out my 98% Jynx that I caught in the eye of hurricane Michael. It’s moves make it a relatively good counter for Ray Ray, but my reason for maxing it out was mostly due to the fact I caught it in the eye lol
  11. @recall reality You are Craig85 right? Looks like we hit best friends next time one of us open a gift. Wanna set up a time tomorrow to pop eggs?
  12. Lots of news coming next week. Looks like they are rotating egg spawns (regional?), a mythical(!) Will be in raids, and Kanto pokes will be alarming heavy lol.

    This is for three different weeks in September
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  13. Jirachi?
  14. I have my doubts about it being a raid Pokemon. It just feels like it is too soon for that. I would think it'd be research first. Maybe Mew or Darkrai?
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  15. Ohhhh man I'd love to get Darkrai
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  17. Oh damn lol
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    I haven’t seen it mentioned in here yet I think, but stardust GoFest rewards are live and I’m looooooving the 3x catch stardust and 1 hour star piece
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  19. [​IMG]
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    Oh hell yeah! Definitely gen 5 let's go!!
  21. I feel like I still need a ton of gen 4 pokes but I'm down
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    I have a full pokedex minus uxie, mespirit, tropius and carnivine :-p:-p. GIVE ME GEN 5
  23. I already hate you so
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  24. Now that I think about it, the raid boss might actually be Victini. Its #0 in the UNOVA dex, so that would make a lot of sense.
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    I've gotten almost everything outside of reginonals and legendaries for each gen so sure hit me