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  1. I almost called you yesterday, but figured you were doing anniversary stuff.
  2. Mick Jul 8, 2019
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    If by anniversary stuff you mean watching Stranger Things and playing a Final Fantasy while trying to get over a cold, you were correct.
  3. I know we have a lot of gen 1 folks in here. This is for the new film. The animation kinda rules.

  4. Micool1

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    Cake Pokemon now? What's next? Garbage Pokem.. oh wait...
  5. Alcremie is a great name. As a chemist, digging it a lot.
  6. irthesteve

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    What and when is the next event? Current spawns suck
  7. Drew Baldy


    Caught a shiny Aron and a shiny Luvdisc today
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  8. I rhink you're topping @Shrek with the shiny luck recently
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  9. Oddpac87

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    What's a shiny?
  10. Shrek

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    i kept mum on my luck during the alolan event to not be annoying lol
  11. Welp
  12. Drew Baldy


    It’s been a really insane couple of days.

    Also caught a wild Gabite, 2 Bagons, 4 Finneon, 2 Larvitar, an almost 1400 cp porygon with decent stats, and hatched a party hat Pichu all today.

    I’m fully expecting a very long drought to beset me in the near future.

    Edit: sorry 2 party hat Pichu
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  13. Taketimeandfind


    Just hatched a shiny azurill so there’s that!

    A few days ago it was letting me click the eggs and it was skipping the hatching animation. Was that a glitch? Because it’s not doing that anymore
  14. Oddpac87

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  15. Oddpac87

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    How boosted are the shiny rates on the research tasks? I’ve got 3 Latios since he’s been in the boxes and 2 have been shiny.
  16. This is now my prized possession

  17. Drew Baldy


    So stoked for raid hour tonight
  18. maldoror


    According to Reddit users in earlier time zones, there isn't one today.
  19. Drew Baldy


    I really hope that isn’t true
  20. maldoror


    If they did one, some time zones would get Groudon and some Armored Mewtwo. I could only imagine the whining online if that were to happen.
  21. Micool1

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  22. Drew Baldy


    Got a chance at Armored Mewtwo last night and didn’t get him.

    Got him this morning though. Also, got a Tyranitar raid in and then out of nowhere caught a Tyranitar in the wild!!!! Crappy CP and IV’s but it’s crazy I got one in the wild.

    Also, hatched another 100% Grimer this morning.

    Honest to god thought my luck had run out.
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  23. maldoror


    @Micool1 We become best friends when I open your gift. Let me know when you want to pop an egg.
  24. AWasteOfATime


    I know a handful of you guys live in LA, have you/would ever want to have like a meet up?
  25. Drew Baldy


    If I didn’t live on the other side of the country I would for sure.