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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (Rob Letterman, May 10, 2019) Movie • Page 28

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by justin., Jan 29, 2018.

  1. joe.boy.fresh.


    Psyduck completely stole the show for me.
  2. justin.


  3. White

    I long for death. Prestigious

    In case it hasn't been mentioned, I would just like to definitively state a Pikachu saying "I'm gonna grab a knife" is objectively a top-10 cinema moment of all time.
  4. Dodger

    “The greatest teacher, failure is”

    "It has also been reported by GWW that a Red and Blue adaptation is in the works"

    If they are working on a red and blue adaptation, Im down for a Detective Pikachu sequel for now although would Reynolds be in the next one? Theres no more talking Pikachu so how will that work? I cant see Justice being a draw.

    whatever they do just dont fuck it up and increase your budget now. Its only made 187mil on a 150mil budget. With marketing it probably wont be that profitable.
  5. justin.


    This one ended with Justice and Reynolds back together so I would say it’s a safe bet that both will be in it.

    I was hoping the Mewtwo spin-off would come first but I can see trying the Red/Blue spin-off first for nostalgia. As long as they get the Japanese culture aspect of Kanto right I am all for it. I don’t want to see Cerulean city with mostly non-Japanese actors in an environment like New York.
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  6. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    Oh goose Prestigious

    Lucy and Psyduck can be the leads easily
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  7. jordalsh

    jordalsh.wordpress.com Prestigious

    Detective Psyduck
  8. Dodger

    “The greatest teacher, failure is”

    ooooooo Yes. Much more interested in this. Please let this be what the sequel is lol
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  9. jordalsh

    jordalsh.wordpress.com Prestigious

    Psyduck, My New Therapist
    Professor Psyduck
    President Psyduck
  10. White

    I long for death. Prestigious

    Definitely down for a Detective Psyduck sequel but only if it has the subtitle "By Your Psyd(uck)"
  11. GBlades


    Never in my days did I think that Pikachu asking someone to smell his finger would be great cinema. What a hilarious movie!
  12. Tim

    passionate, but i don't give no fucks Prestigious

    All the more reason why directly adapting anything from the Red/Blue era makes me nervous, lol. Out of sequels & spinoffs that have been rumored, I think the Mewtwo idea is the most appealing to me, but anything dealing w/ actual Kanto is ripe for mishandling.
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  13. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    Professor Oak origin story film incoming.
  14. phaynes12

    ball is life

    oh hell yeah