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    turned these two into songs

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  2. Cody Jul 2, 2018
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    new something i threw together. getting better at writing lyrics but wow it is still very stressful and hard and eventually rewarding sure but mostly stressful and hard

    “Barrel On”

    one man is an island
    he’s holed up 10 off the bay

    in ‘90 they ring it in
    the last shimmers
    “eleven! ten!”
    9 more moments
    9 more months
    9 more lives

    but why climb up?
    the film’s developed, he’s here in the room
    please don’t fret
    a second set of eyes brings more to prove
    so barrel on
    alert no one

    of whereabouts
    to stay an idea, loose-fitted
    the real of her
    can prove it hereditary

    ceding, digging toes into the sand

    but why climb up?
    the film’s developed, he’s here in the room
    please don’t fret
    a second set of eyes brings more to prove
    so barrel on
    alert no one
    a hired gun?

    one man is an island
    one man is an island
    one man is an island
    he passed the savings onto me
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    I’m taking a poetry class and it’s probably one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. I feel very confident in writing technical or research papers but god damn, writing poetry is difficult for me. I think it’s cause I’m overthinking it. Like, we have to read everything we write in front of the class so I obsess over making it perfect rather than just letting my imagination flow and then going back to edit. It doesn’t help that I’m an English education major and most of the people in my class are creative writing majors so I feel like I’m way out of my league.

    With lyrics, I don’t care at all about what I’m writing about. I just play music and the lyrics tend to be whatever sounds right and often have little to no meaning. But this this I feel intent on crafting something with meaning and purpose which often leads to me staring at a computer for hours on end.

    I have three poems due tomorrow. All of which are started but not complete and I’m freaking out.
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    Instead of thinking of lyrics and poetry as two separate things I'd suggest maybe regarding the latter more like the former; if you're comfortable writing lyrics, don't sit down and try to write in a way that feels like poetry - let the normal processes that engage when you write lyrics come through. If you can write lyrics I've no doubt you're a poet!

    When I write, I try to engage a feeling or emotion but then I just let it go - and I write whatever comes out and sounds good. Giving myself the freedom to just write down in a stream of consciousness loosens me up and often produces some pretty honest stuff. And sometimes when I proofread it after the fact some stuff that sounded good but doesn't work. But at least I've given myself a base to work from. Don't over think it! Just let it happen.
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    I just stayed up to 4am writing this stupid fucking piece of crap so enjoy it or don’t but it’s done. And now I need to write another for a different class, praise be. Had to write in a style that is not my own (not that I really have one), mimicking an author we were reading so that was challenging

    Strands of loose locks
    Lost down the drain and
    Along with ‘em another ounce
    Of confidence drips from my
    Temples and sleeps beneath
    The underbelly of my now
    Diminished amour propre

    At 23, this must be some sort
    Of fluke (or perhaps penalty for penile
    pleasure, sent from above?) Grandpa
    Harry might have lost his god damn
    Mind, but at 92 that bastard had a head
    Like a bristle. Thick as a brush-
    Fire in Californian August.

    I could have probably borrowed
    An extra thread of his genes and he’d
    Been none the wiser. Stiched
    To my scalp. Follicle blood. Runs
    From my skull, all in the name of vanity

    In a mirrored reflection I’d grab what
    Remained and pull it taut and unseen
    Imagining the naked mole rat
    Version of me that I’d have to come
    Face to face with in a matter of time

    Until finally I took that razor and
    I washed it clean. Trading my ego
    For practicality.With varnish and laquer
    I lathered my skin and married
    That blade with a surgeon’s precision
    Splitting the cells and molting anew
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    ____________s p a g h e t t i f i c a t i o n___________


    Almost done with this class. Could not be happier that it’s over soon. I feel spent.
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    I'm stoned af and I just read this five times.
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    Haha nice :crylaugh:. You need sleep mang
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  11. the tongue need not be quick
    to instill confidence
  12. What do I do when my commitments wither in the eyes of others?


    My soul now spins with such speed to see still, though it glisten as it leaks, the way you wound me.


    Death is every moment, its prospect sweetens life.