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Plain White T’s Share New Version of “Hey There Delilah”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Plain White T’s will be re-releasing a 15-anniversary version of All That We Needed. It will feature five unreleased live acoustic performances of various songs from the album. Today they’ve shared the the new version of “Hey There Delilah.”

  2. .K.

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    New? Sounds the exact same as I remember it. Still a nice song.
  3. nemotheemofish


    Sounds the same to me too.
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  4. alexbrew

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    Cash grab fashow
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  5. Bayside 182

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    its essentially the same except his voice is like 3% raspier and he annunciates a word differently
  6. howischad


  7. popdisaster00

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    Has a band ever milked a single song this much before lol
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  8. AP_Punk

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  9. jackyjackyjack


    The flogging of a dead horse
  10. Brent

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    Sad excuse of a cash grab.