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Plain White T’s Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 15, 2018.

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    The Plain White T’s will release their new album, Parallel Universe, on August 24th. Today they’ve debuted a video for “Your Body” and “Bonnie I Want You” is up on Apple Music and Spotify. The full press release can be found below.

    New York, NY – June 15, 2018 – GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum alt-pop band, Plain White T’s, are excited to announce that they will be releasing their highly anticipated eighth studio album, Parallel Universe (produced by Matt Squire [Ariana Grande, Panic! At The Disco)] via Fearless Records on August 24th! The new album follows their 2015 independent release American Nights and marks their return to Fearless after 13 years. The band’s endlessly hummable signature melodies still shine at the center of this galaxy, but their Universe morphed into an otherworldly atmosphere of ethereal electronic pop strengthened by lush guitar tones and synth transmissions. We can’t wait for you to hear it. Full track listing can be found below!
    In conjunction with today’s album announcement, Plain White T’s have released two new singles from the full-length offering, “Your Body” and “Bonnie I Want You.” “Your Body” fuses minimal glitch blips, lithe guitars, and an unshakeable hook. PRESS HERE watch the coinciding video via Billboard, which was filmed at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles and exhibits a male Ex Machina who was put together piece by piece by the male’s female companion. The track premiered earlier this week via SiriusXM’s The Pulse. “Bonnie I Want You” showcases the grittier side of Plain White T’s – PRESS HERE to listen.

    Parallel Universe is available for pre-order now at all DSPs and each pre-order will include an instant download of “Bonnie I Want You” and lead single “Your Body” – PRESS HERE. Deluxe limited edition album bundles are available at the official Plain White T’s webstore HERE, including a glow in the dark vinyl, an oxford felt pennant and exclusive apparel that includes t-shirts, socks and enamel pins. The first 100 vinyl bundle and first 100 CD bundle purchasers will receive a signed copy of the album.

    Up next, the band will be kicking off their summer tour with special guests Ocean Park Standoff and frontman Tom Higgenson’s very own Humans Were Here artist, Fairview (on select dates). PRESS HERE for ticket information & full tour routing can be found below.

    Track Listing

    1. Light Up The Room
    2. Bonnie I Want You
    3. Call Me
    4. Top Of The World
    5. Bury Me
    6. Your Body
    7. Sick Of Love
    8. No Imitations
    9. Low
    10. Lying About Me And You
    11. I Should Be Dead Right Now
    12. Lips
    13. No Tears
    14. End of The World
    June 16th – Starlight Amphitheater – Oklahoma City, OK *
    June 17th – George’s Majestic Lounge – Fayetteville, AR
    June 20th – Exit/In – Nashville, TN
    June 22nd – Jergel’s Rhythm Grille – Warrendale, PA
    June 23rd – 26th Annual Giant BBQ Battle Food & Music Festival – Washington, DC
    June 24th – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
    June 26th – Skully’s Music Diner – Columbus, OH
    June 27th – Piere’s – Fort Wayne, IN
    June 28th – Green Bay Distillery – Green Bay, WI
    June 30th – Surf Ballroom & Museum – Clear Lake, IA
    July 1st – Deadwood Mountain Grand – Deadwood, SD *
    * without Ocean Park Standoff and Fairview

  2. JRGComedy

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  3. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Dude's hair is atrociously terrible. WTF
  4. popdisaster00

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    Will Hey There Delilah be on it?
  5. ComedownMachine

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  6. Honeymagnolia

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    These songs are dreadful. Like a lot of what these guys do. Last album was pretty decent. The first verse lyrics on 'Bonnie' are cringey as hell.
  7. Serh

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    "I Should Be Dead Right Now"
  8. CyberInferno

    Line below my username Supporter

    When he first showed up on the screen, I thought, "Man, he went bald really fast."

    Man, that song is not good.
  9. Matt504

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    Wow, he did not age well. Both of these songs are hard to get through...
  10. SamLevi11

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    What the actual fuck is this guy doing with his hair? He looks like a skunk crossbred with the dude from Madina Lake.

    That song was terrible and I don't fancy listening to the other track.

    Band had some bops back in the day, and I will defend the song Take Me Away until I die but this sucked.
  11. Matt Metzler

    Space Cadet Prestigious

    Sounds like they wanna be Train now.
  12. ARo24


    The first song was bad but the second one was even worse. Holy moly.
  13. Matt504

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    And now UMG has blocked the video from being watched lmao
  14. skoopy


    Whatever the song was they released last year was solid enough and makes the abhorrent quality of these ones somewhat baffling
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  15. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    I really was feeling good about another LP from this band following the “Land of the Living” single. Kinda nervous to give these new tracks a listen
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  16. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    The first thing that came to my mind while reading the words 'Plain White T's' on the news feed was that April Fool's Day joke on about this band selling 10 million copies.
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  17. mmhmm

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    New songs are rough. And exclusive /100 vinyl is only available in $115 package? Good luck with that.
  18. AMC


    Age well? Really doesn't look different, his hair is just bad.
    Larry David likes this.
  19. skoopy


    The shame is that I do feel as though this band has more ability and talent than what they've exhibited throughout their career but they keep chasing trends and another 15 minutes of fame.
  20. AbsolutePunk

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    "What you gonna do when the drugs run out. Standing in the street with your tits out."

    That's about as much as I could take. I'm out.
  21. mattylikesfilms


    I’m legit embarrassed for the band.
  22. simplejack

    I wish I could say something but silence is fine.

    Hate is a strong word but I really, really, really don't like that song.
  23. DearCory


    The Wonders of the Younger was such a good album, and a step in the right direction for them... the song Last Breath is an absolutely incredible piece of pop music. I don't understand what happened.
  24. kelseyleigh

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    I went to watch the video mostly based on this comment.
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  25. Zilla

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    Probably should just let Tim Lopez do lead vocals. These songs are awful.
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