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Plain White T’s – “Bonnie I Want You” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. simplejack

    I wish I could say something but silence is fine.

    "What you gonna do when the drugs run out / Standing in the street with your tits out"

  3. DandonTRJ

    ~~~ヾ(^∇^ Supporter

    This is embarrassing.
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  4. Honeymagnolia

    Regular Supporter

    This might be one of the worst songs I have ever heard and I am usually a fan of these guys.
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  5. alexbrew

    Just here for the comments

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  6. slimfenix182


    Wtf even is this band now. Embarrassing
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  7. Orville


    I may be in the minority of opinion here, but i really dug the production side and melodies, and even the way the vocals were processed. But those lyrics made it super cringey for me.
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  8. LionInMyPocket

    I was born in a swamp, born with no clothes on

    I liked it! But does that guy really look like that or did they make him look weirder for this video? Don't think his nose is that big IRL?
  9. love too write blatantly misogynistic lyrics in 2018
  10. mmhmm

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    Came to see the wtf posts and wasnt disappointed.
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  11. mmhmm

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    Also, choosing to lead with a song this cringey has to be hurting preorder sales of this album.
  12. TedSchmosby


    not since that Makeout song has a music video made me so uncomfortable
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  13. Eml182


    Verses kind of rip from Black horse and the cherry tree...except they suck

    Everything about this song and video is a bad idea
  14. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    That and it's Plain White T's putting out a record in 2018.