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Pixar Debuts ‘Luca’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Looks like they’re really branching out with this one, aside from maybe Coco. Really excited to see it
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  3. This looks great. Can't wait!
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  4. soggytime


    Italian Ponyo with the look of an Aardman film? Looks great!
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  5. stars143

    Trusted Supporter

    Looks like it's inspired by Lu Over the Wall.
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  6. haha that’s an incredible way of describing it
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  7. Alternatively....
  8. Raku


    I like their sea form design =)
  9. Coco is probably my fave Pixar movie (right up there with Wall-E). Very excited for this!
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  10. Serenity Now

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    this reminds me how behind on recent pixar films I am
  11. DooDooBird


    I couldn’t really get into Soul like I wanted to. Looking forward to this.
  12. Wat
  13. SuNDaYSTaR


    They had an amazing premise but somehow I feel like it wasn't exploited to its full potential.

    On a side note, I find it really funny that Trent Reznor now scores family movies.
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  14. Sean Murphy

    moon pie, what a time to be alive. Supporter

    Soul was very good and my hunch is that this too shall not disappoint