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Pinegrove / Hovvdy Tour • Page 2

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by kidinthebushes, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. cwhit

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    whole huge range of dates all with incredible openers

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Niiiiice. Really hope we get some other tour dates from bands passing through to Pitchfork. I know Mitski's in Grand Rapids the night before her date.
  3. tumbleweedterror

    music is all we got

    The universe has ruined every chance I've had at seeing Pinegrove since like 2015 but I think I can actually make it to that Seattle date, here's hoping.
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  4. teebs41

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    Philly show was so good
  5. Literal


    Really bummed that the Happy Valley dates are a festival that's $310 for the weekend and $125 for a single day. It's also less than a mile away from where I live. Oh well.
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  6. PatRFinley

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    So excited for the show tonight!