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Pierce the Veil Announce “The Misadventures Tour”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Pierce the Veil have announced dates for their upcoming “Misadventures Tour,” where they will be performing their new album, Misadventures, in its entirety. Those dates can be found below. The new album comes out May 13th.

    Tour Dates

    June 5 House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV
    June 7 Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
    June 8 Granada Theatre, Lawrence, KS
    June 10 House of Blues, Chicago, IL
    June 11 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI
    June 12 House of Blues, Cleveland, OH
    June 14 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
    June 15 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
    June 17 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
    June 18 The Norva, Norfolk, VA
    June 19 Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
    June 21 House of Blues, Houston, TX
    June 22 House of Blues, Dallas, TX
    June 24 Nile Theatre, Mesa, AZ
    June 25 Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA
    June 26 Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
    LOS ANGELES, CA – Thursday, April 7, 2016 – To celebrate the release of its fourth studio album, Pierce the Veil announces “The Misadventures Tour” where the band will perform – on this leg only – Misadventures (May 13, Fearless Records) in its entirety, from the first song to the last. These special concerts will be played in intimate venues, a treat for both the band and its fans who last saw PTV headline amphitheaters on the 2015 Warped Tour. “The Misadventures Tour” kicks off in Las Vegas at the House of Blues on June 5 and will wrap up on June 26 at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale tomorrow/Friday at 10:00AM (local time); for ticket purchasing and other information, as well as VIP packages that include band meet’n’greets, log on to

    On “The Misadventures Tour,” Pierce The Veil will be supported by I The Mighty and openers Movements.

    Performing a brand new album in-sequence is a first for Pierce The Veil – Vic Fuentes (guitar, vocals), Tony Perry (guitar), Jaime Preciado (bass), and Mike Fuentes (drums. Said Vic, “We wanted to celebrate our new album by putting on a once in a lifetime performance for our fans and offer them something that we’ve never done in the past. Playing an album live in its entirety is a rare and unique experience. It’s special because it usually only happens once, and then it’s gone forever. We look forward to sharing these new songs and seeing everyone at the shows.

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  2. I'm so happy to see my boys in Movements moving up in the world! This is huge for ItM as well. PtV is whatever, but I would go to this show just for the openers.
  3. carlosonthedrums

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    I keep putting off seeing Pierce the Veil despite their clearly awesome live show, but there's no way I'm passing it up if I The Mighty are on the bill.
  4. disambigujason

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    Haven't been too into PTV lately, but I love the idea of playing a new album in its entirety.
  5. Turkeylegz


    This is the same day as the Hotelier in Cleveland. Other any other circumstance I would have been there. Can't wait for the new album!

    Edit: I lied. They are a month apart. Awesome!
  6. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    I'm a little worried about this... I think the idea of albums in their entirety is a cool idea if it is a fan/band favorite, but less than a month after an album release? This could either go quite well, or quite horribly.
  7. BelieF


    It'll sell out regardless and be entertaining never the less plus a good opportunity to cop new merch/take close pics.
  8. Thomas Nassiff

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    this band can play way larger venues so this is probably a safe move for them -- likely a much bigger tour coming in fall
  9. tomtom94


    I suppose that's one way to deal with complaints of always playing the same setlist!
  10. Solidus

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    Well... they've been playing the same material since 2012, so if any band is gonna do this off a new album PTV is a pretty good candidate. I definitely wouldn't want this to become a trend though.

    Also lol at how they consider some of these venues "intimate." Are arenas the norm for these guys now?
  11. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    Agreed. I just don't know if the show will be as incredible as their normal live show - Their live shows are very symbiotic, they feed off the crowd's energy.
    You're right. I'm just thinking from a fan's standpoint - Although, I guess if you're a big enough fan to get a ticket for one of these shows, you probably have already memorized the new album...
  12. Bayside 182

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    Great lineup, not great venues