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Piebald Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by scott, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Piebald was an American alternative rock band. Piebald started as a hardcore band in Andover, Massachusetts, out of the same scene that produced Converge. They later moved to the Boston suburb of Somerville and became a staple of the Greater Boston indie rock scene. Two members still live in the Boston area, while two others now live in Los Angeles. Piebald's last show was on April 19, 2008, at Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, though the band reunited for a set at The Bamboozle in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on May 2, 2010.

    News of Thursday's reunion overshadowed the rest of the Wrecking Ball lineup, but let's not forget that Piebald is reuniting too!
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  2. I love We Are the Only Friends We Have but I've yet to dig into the rest of their discography. I guess I need to get on that if there's a chance I could see them this year.
  3. That's definitely their best/most popular album, but their others are worth listening to for sure. Spotify has the live recording of their final show where they played a good mix of everything (obviously not quite the same as listening to the recording, but it's good if you just want a sampler of all their stuff).
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  4. I'll probably just pick a record and dive in. I usually prefer that to a compilation or definitely a live album.
  5. HEY!
  6. suburban myth

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    For me, Piebald is the highlight of the wrecking ball lineup. These guys are THE band to see, for me - I seriously can't believe i'll finally get to see piebald live.
  7. suburban myth

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    Yeah "friends" is their best album, but my personal second favorite is called When Life Hands You Lemons - it was just re-released on iTunes. Hmm... If It Weren't For Venitian Blinds, It Would Be Curtains For Us All is probably the more popular choice for their second best album, though (and it's probably their best titled album!). To me, the lemons album sounds like early braid - but done by piebald... it's so damn good.
  8. Venetian Blinds is the one I've heard the most praise for, and that title really is great.
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  9. suburban myth

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    Top Piebald tracks?

    Our Very Own Employment Office
    Dirty Harry & the Thunderbolts
    They Don't Understand Us At The Academy
    American Hearts
    All Senses Lost
    Shark Attack
    Leave My Mouth Alone
  10. suburban myth

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    It's really REALLY good - Grace Kelly With Wings & Dirty Harry & the Thunderbolts are two of the band's best songs!
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  12. suburban myth

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    Not bad, not bad - but when it comes to b-sides, leave my mouth alone & you wouldn't be a piece without your mustache top the list, for me!
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  13. The King was just my first piebald song hahaha. it was on the CD my sister made me in like 2006--you can trace a lot of my favorite bands back to that CD (it had Against Me, Saves The Day, Punchline, The Early November, and tons more on it)
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  14. suburban myth

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    Oh, rad! I tried making mix cds for my sister years ago... she wanted no part of it.
  15. teel


  16. Awesome. I'd very surprised if they don't do Riot Fest based on those dates.
  17. Snoblin

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    FUCKIN KILL ME. I need a chicago date from these guys.
  18. kpatrickwood

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    My thoughts exactly. Just the possibility of Piebald and The Anniversary playing has pushed me over the edge into buying a pass. I'd say there's about a 75% chance Piebald will be there and about a 50% chance for the Anniversary.
  19. suburban myth

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    Damn, hopefully I can make it to the NC show.
  20. cherrywaves


    Holy fuck I'm so happy
  21. Tickets go on sale (for Boston, at least) today at noon!
  22. TOS_Matt


    Made an account just to say how excited I am for this reunion! Bought tickets to both the Sunday and Monday shows in Boston. It's going to be a rough week after those, haha.
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  23. cherrywaves


    Got mine for Monday so hyped
  24. nfdv2

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    was super into american hearts and long nights a couple years ago but never got into them past those. listened to the rest of the record earlier this week and i think i'm in love
  25. cherrywaves


    Who has gone to these shows? They played just about everything I could have wanted. Haven't had that much fun at a show in a long time