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Photography • Page 8

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Eric Wilson, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Supporter

    That’s also how I feel right now. I’m probably going to upgrade my phone this year, and rumor has it that they’re going to the three camera system, so right now I’ll be going from one camera to three. Want to wait and see if they come out with stuff specifically for that.
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  2. EarthShifts


    Any thoughts on where else to share photos if I don’t have Instagram? I know that’s the easiest, but is it the only good way nowadays?
  3. paolalormar Sep 30, 2019
    (Last edited: Oct 8, 2019)


    A very useful topic, many people who like to take photos will be grateful to you!
  4. fastlife

    Regular Supporter

    On vacation and tried my hand at light trails a few nights ago. Didn't get the car all the way down the road like I wanted and had to leave after I took this one, but I'm happy with it as a first attempt. Will probably play around with this one some more, it's a little too dark for my liking right now.

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  5. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    if anything, i’d go a little darker/less exposed so the colors pop more.
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  6. Ferrari333SP

    Trusted Supporter

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  7. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious

    Where is this? Looks like a super cool spot
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  8. fastlife

    Regular Supporter

    I’ll give it a shot and see how it looks!

    The Dolomites in northern Italy. This spot’s called Passo Giau. Only a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to get to this spot, and not too steep (although it can be a touch freaky at points if you don’t like narrow trails or heights).

    Lots of epic peaks here, highly recommended if you like hanging in the mountains.
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  9. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    The Dolomites are incredible.
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  10. benschuyler

    Regular Prestigious

    Super sick dude. What were you shooting? Got a place to follow your work?
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  11. fastlife

    Regular Supporter

    Thank you! Used my a7s with the 16-35 f4.

    For now, I’m posting sporadically on Instagram. Feel free to follow if you’d like, appreciate the interest for sure!
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  12. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    wow! your photography is amazing
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  13. fastlife

    Regular Supporter

    Thanks for checking it out!
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  14. Kellan

    JuneJuly Supporter

    I just recently got into Polaroid photography. I bought two packs on Black Friday (still like $50 with shipping) and the package seems to have been stolen out of my building. So bummed.
  15. cherrywaves


    Bump. Got a Nikon D3400 awhile back because I heard it was a good entry-level model, and I'm pretty satisfied so far. Wanted to do more with it last year but I'm hopefully going to get further into taking pictures this year. Gonna comb through the thread.
  16. Garrett

    Carole Baskin fed her husband to a tiger. Moderator

    I (finally got off my ass and) start my photography certificate through the University of Tennessee on Thursday. I have so much to learn, but I've never been more excited.
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  17. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious


    Portland is such a cool city
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  18. thesoftskeleton


    Just bought the Fujifilm x100f for my birthday/some tax return money lol. Just in time for not being able to go outside/not using it and being quarantined inside booooooo. Had some exciting things planned this month and was wanting to take it for a spin with it but looks like that is probably not happening.
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  19. mattav152


    Not much of a landscape photographer, I focus more on wildlife, but heres's a couple recent shots from Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Also Instagram sucks and compresses stuff like crazy.

  20. Ferrari333SP

    Trusted Supporter

    Finally putting together my own photography website, through SmugMug; editing photos through Lightroom took a lonngggg time, but having only learned it a few weeks ago, I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to do with it. Hope to have the site live by next weekend; I'll share here in case you want to check it out!

    One of my favorites so far; small street in Bergen, Norway

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  21. David87

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Me trying to use Lightroom and having zero idea what I’m actually supposed to be doing to my pictures to make them look good:
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  22. Ferrari333SP

    Trusted Supporter

    Hahaha; yeah it's pretty much trial and error for newbies like us. I've been using Lightroom CC, which is the simpler version of Lightroom, compared to the traditional Lightroom Classic CC, which is the main one that's been around for a long time. Provides more customization, but is a little more difficult (I've read) to get a handle of. Lightroom CC provides just a bunch of sliders to adjust the various levels in different categories, and easily allows you to apply presets to your pics. Plus, there's ton of present packs out there you can buy, which makes sprucing up your photos even easier/convenient.
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  23. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    it’s more a matter of just finding what you want to make pop in your images and tinkering around until you find your style.

    I don’t do much editing on my film photos now unless there’s an image whose content I really like but has poor lighting or the color doesn’t match another photo I want to use it with.

    used to just add a little saturation, boost shadows, and pull down the contrast & darkness. that was just using VSCO or Afterlight on my phone, though. I mostly use Lightroom for organizing and making collections.
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  24. fastlife May 3, 2020
    (Last edited: May 3, 2020)

    Regular Supporter

    yeah, it can be intimidating. For me, I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and started out using Lightroom presets (mainly VSCO’s desktop presets) to find the look I was going for, then adjusted from there. After doing that for a while, I got more comfortable figuring out how all the sliders worked and it gradually got easier editing on my own.
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  25. Ferrari333SP

    Trusted Supporter

    Still being a bit of a newb to all this, is VSCO just basically another photo editor? I know they have their own app. They have presets that you can use/upload into Lightroom? Are these free somewhere?